The mammogram is able to show subtle structural differences of the soft tissues. Breasts are examined with an imaging technique that differs from ordinary X-ray in its physical parameters. 

In Hungary, breast cancer is an increased health risk for women over the age of 40, so regular breast screening is recommended. In breast cancer screening, mammography using soft x-ray radiation is the only scientifically proven procedure. In our institute we use a high-tech direct digital mammography machine. It is recommended that the test be performed in the first half of the cycle, i.e., within 15 days of the first day of menstruation.

During the examination, the breasts are compressed from two directions before images are recorded. We perform complex breast screening in our institute (mammography + physical examination + ultrasound examination). If necessary, 3-dimensional tomosynthesis, biopsy (thin and thick needle), and stereotactic sampling are also performed. Over the age of 35, ultrasound is not a substitute for mammography. Prior to plastic surgery, for the over 30s we perform complex breast screening.

We use the SIEMENS Healthtineers Mammomat Inspiration system which results in up to 30% less dose, without compromising on image quality. By using special, relaxing lights the system provides a calming atmosphere to ensure a smooth examination and the best image results.