Pediatric dermatology

In infancy and childhood, the skin is more vulnerable, with more frequent skin lesions and various infections. Nowadays, more and more children have sensitive skin, thus certain skin diseases are specific to childhood.

When and with what kind of complaints should you consult a pediatric dermatologist?

  • Communities, nurseries, kindergartens and schools pose a special risk of infection for children. Here, for example, ringworm spreads, which can be cured with topical treatment, disinfectant sanitizers and antibiotic treatment.
  • Childhood eczema is also on the rise. The cause of eczema can be hereditary, but it can also be caused by some allergens. The disease is treated locally and efforts should also be made to prevent bacterial superinfections
  • Viral warts can infect children in swimming pools and gymnasiums, one form of which is verrucas from swimming pools.
  • Seborrheic dermatitis, a symptom of an exfoliating layer of skin on the scalp, face and ears, is not uncommon in infancy.
  • A sudden allergic skin symptom is, for example, hives. These characteristic red spots are caused by the dilation and permeability of blood vessels in the skin. The rash is most often caused by a substance or pathogen that has entered the body, such as e.g., intestinal worms or certain medications, but endogenous, internal-organ causes, or physical factors can also cause hives.
  • Common infant-childhood diseases: diaper dermatitis, vascular malformations, birthmarks, atopic dermatitis, ringworm (impetigo), viral warts (verrucas, flat warts, water warts), fungal infections of the skin, herpes infections, acne infections, pimples

What happens during the dermatological examination?

At Dr. Rose Private Hospital, the clinical diagnosis of the above diseases is performed by experienced specialists and the most modern medical or lifestyle treatments are used according to the disease.

How should you arrive for the examination?

Previous findings should be brought along, and it is advisable that the child wears easy to don clothing for the purposes of the examination.