B.tox anti-wrinkle treatment

The b.tox treatment is a collective term for all therapies performed with an appropriately diluted solution of botulinum toxin. The applicability of b.tox is very wide. The essence of anti-wrinkle treatment is to prevent the formation of wrinkles and the spectacular deepening of wrinkles by limiting the function of the mimic muscles via temporarily blocking the transmission of signals from peripheral nerves to the muscles responsible for the formation of wrinkles. The extent and duration of the effect depends somewhat on the amount administered and the site of administration.

When is b.tox anti-wrinkle treatment warranted?

Botulinum toxin - b.tox for short - injection is mainly used to smooth out mimic wrinkles and prevent them deepening. It is less well known that beyond this application it is suitable for raising eyebrows, increasing the openness of the eyes, eliminating facial tics, treating chronic migraine headaches, correcting a gummy smile in the upper lip, shaping the lips, and reducing excessive sweating in the armpit, sole and palm area.

What happens at the first consultation?

Our dermatologist will examine you during a personal consultation, answer any questions that arise, and talk about the expected results of the treatment.

Preparing for the intervention

In contrast to the preparations for plastic surgeries, no further examinations are required following that performed during the initial consultation. Before the procedure, eat light meals, ensure sufficient fluid intake, and cease taking aspirin, ginkgo biloba, and other herbal remedies.

What happens during the procedure?

During b.tox treatment under local anesthesia, the doctor injects a dilute solution of botulinum toxin into the mimic muscles of the area to be treated, at pre-planned and marked points. The procedure is most commonly applied to the eye area and forehead. The effect depends, among other things, on the amount of active ingredient used and the site of administration. The procedure takes about 15 minutes.

What results can you expect from the intervention?

The components of b.tox work in several steps, with the maximum effect coming a few days after the injection. The duration of the b.tox anti-wrinkle treatment’s affect depends on several factors: the dose of the active ingredient, the metabolism of the individual, the dilution, and the route of administration. In general, after 3-4 months the need for another intervention usually arises. Naturally, due to the factors listed, this period can vary. After the b.tox anti-wrinkle treatment, you will find that your wrinkles will fade and your skin will smooth out in the treated area, thereby rejuvenating your face compared to your biological age.

Recovery, aftercare

Generally, after approximately 72 hours the full effect is reached, so during this time extreme body positions (e.g., deep forward bending) are not recommended, as this may allow the active substance to seep into other areas. In some cases, a slight swelling or bleeding may occur at the injection site, and your doctor will inform you about possible side effects and their prevention during the consultation. The extent to which muscle signals are blocked also depends on the amount of substance administered and individual characteristics. The treatment may be repeated after 3-4 months, but depending on individual parameters, this may vary. For deeper wrinkles, one week after b.tox treatment, it is also possible to use a hyaluronic filler, so the result will be even more harmonious.