Wrinkle filling

Wrinkle-filling treatments restore the youthful appearance of the face without surgery. Injectable implants can be used primarily to help wrinkles that occur due to connective tissue atrophy or deficiency.

When is wrinkle filling warranted?

Adverse environmental effects and the passage of time lead to aging of the skin, which unfortunately becomes visible on our faces all too soon. The process cannot be stopped but can be slowed by cosmetic and beauty procedures. Various wrinkle-filling treatments can mask the problem well for years, restoring the face’s youthful appearance. Subcutaneous injections can treat finer wrinkles on the forehead, deeper wrinkles running vertically above the bridge of the nose and between the eyebrows, furrows around the nose, and the area around the lips.

What happens at the first consultation?

Our dermatologist will examine your skin and assess its condition in a personal consultation. They will answer any questions that arise and inform you about the course of the treatment and the expected results. If you have previously had a wrinkle filler, be sure to tell your doctor, as this may determine the type of filler you receive.

Preparing for the intervention

In contrast to the preparations for plastic surgeries, no further examinations are required following that performed at the consultation, however we recommend the introduction of certain lifestyle changes to enhance the treatment’s results. We recommend that you do not smoke, eat light meals before the procedure, ensure you drink sufficient fluids, and cease taking aspirin, ginkgo biloba and other herbal remedies for two weeks before treatment.

What happens during the procedure?

Under local anesthesia, such as mixed anaesthetic cream, our dermatologist injects wrinkle filler into the affected area with a fine needle. As several injection techniques are possible, the doctor will decide on the appropriate choice for you during the prior consultation. We use Juvéderm absorbable fillers, the active ingredient of which is hyaluronic acid, a natural component of our skin. The procedure takes 10-15 minutes.

What results can you expect from the intervention?

The result of the wrinkle filling is immediately visible, the wrinkles fade, the lines on the face become finer. The following morning you will look with pleasure in the mirror, as if you had travelled back in time, seeing yourself 10 years ago.

Recovery, aftercare

You can return to your daily activities immediately after wrinkle-filling treatment. Mild redness, swelling, and small bruises may occur at the site of needle punctures, but these fade very quickly, in no more than a few days. In general, the treatment can be repeated after 8-12 months, depending on individual parameters.