Corporate health center

21st century workers face new technologies, jobs and thus different occupational health risks than ever before. Adapting to these changes, Dr. Rose Private Hospital has developed advanced, flexible and customized health and occupational health services for companies and their employees.

Health insurance/card packages

Our partners with a corporate package receive professional, comprehensive and fast specialist care in a modern environment and an easily accessible place in the heart of Budapest. Our goal is prevention and health preservation.

We offer our costumers four different annual cards, the comparison of annual cards is available HERE.

Manager screenings

With our manager screening packages we assess the health status of company employees with the help of specialist medical, imaging, laboratory and diagnostic examinations. The specialist’s health summary includes, in addition to the examination results, the additional steps needed to maintain health. During screenings, the investigation of malignant tumors, cardiovascular diseases and metabolic disorders plays a key role, adapting to the extra burdens of our stressful, busy lives. Screening tests are available in one place, with minimal waiting time, tailored to customers’ schedules.

Occupational health

In the last two decades, a series of economic and technological changes have taken place in most European countries, including Hungary, which have fundamentally changed the world of work. In line with these changes, our institution intends to pay special attention to the prevention, early detection and treatment of mental health, psychosocial, psychosomatic and stress disorders.

We carry out our core occupational health activities in accordance with the provisions of the applicable occupational health legislation.