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Flat feet and other pediatric orthopedic problems

Pediatric orthopedists are mainly consulted by parents whose children have spinal problems and various leg deformities. Fortunately, most orthopedic problems can be solved without surgery. Dr. Imre Dreissiger, a pediatric orthopedic specialist at Dr. Rose Private Hospital, summarizes the most important points to bear in mind.

Are men at risk? Reflections on men's health

Professors and senior doctors from Dr. Rose Private Hospital have joined forces to raise awareness of the importance of men's health. Over the age of 40, we need to be consciously committed to living a long and healthy life, not just for ourselves but also for our families. It is largely up to us to live the second half of our lives in a fresh and harmonious state mentally, emotionally and physically. Even small changes can help us gain extra years and improve our quality of life.

Cholesterol: its benefits and drawbacks

Cholesterol, a very important building block in all cells of our body, is involved in the synthesis of certain hormones, bile acids and vitamin D. Chief physician Dr. Bernadett Voloncs, cardiologist and internist at Dr. Rose Private Hospital, spoke on the subject.

Skin cancer prevention - practical advice

Skin cancer is curable if detected early. With annual screening, malignant lesions that are detected and removed in time can be very curable, while those detected too late can metastasize. Practical advice on skin cancer prevention is summarized here by Zsófia Hatvani, PhD, dermatologist at Dr. Rose Private Hospital.

Vaginal dryness: a bane for some couples, but there is a solution

Vaginal dryness is not a disease, rather it is most often a natural process that accompanies menopause, however it is worth remedying the unpleasant symptoms. Vaginal dryness can also be caused by a medical condition, so it's important to check whether it's caused by a natural process or is a symptom of a medical condition. Whatever the cause, it is important to state that there is a solution to the problem. Dr. Illés Gyula Balogh, endocrinologist and gynecologist at Dr. Rose Private Hospital, discusses this subject without taboos.


In Hungary, breast cancer is an increased health risk for women over 40 years of age, hence regular breast screening is recommended. At Dr. Rose Private Hospital, we offer a complex breast screening service, that includes mammography, a physical examination and an ultrasound examination.

Dry eyes don’t only affect the elderly

While dry eyes used to be associated with advancing age, the problem is now more common and occurs in younger and younger people. It has unpleasant symptoms: it feels like something has got into your eyes, your eyelids feel heavy, and your eyes feel tired. This is often accompanied by a burning sensation and blurred vision.