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Winter sports injuries: prevention and treatment

It is a huge thrill to slide down a snowy mountainside or glide over ice wearing ice skates. However, it doesn’t hurt to know the dangers of winter sports. What are the typical winter sports accidents, what symptoms should we take seriously, when should we see a doctor, and how can we avoid or prevent these dangers? We asked Dr. László Rudolf Hangody, Dr. Rose Private Hospital’s orthopedic traumatologist, about this.

Prostate cancer - the disease is very treatable

In Hungary, prostate cancer is one of the most common causes of death from cancer in men, with 4,000-4,500 men diagnosed with the disease each year. The most dangerous of the prostate diseases is malignancy, which can now be screened and is very curable. We asked Dr. József Varga, a urologist at Dr. Rose Private Hospital, about prostate screening and examinations.

Post-COVID symptoms

As of October 2021, more than 800,000 coronavirus infections had been registered in Hungary. Today, all of us know of family members and acquaintances who have had the disease, and unfortunately many of them experience Post-COVID symptoms that persist for months after the onset of the disease. We asked Dr. Noémi Kiss-Dala, an infectologist at Dr. Rose Private Hospital, about the most common persistent symptoms and how to cure them.

Tummy tuck intervention after pregnancy

Weakened connective tissue during pregnancy and slack skin after weight loss do not always regenerate and are greatly influenced by structural features as well as age. A sagging belly can not only cause aesthetic frustration, but can also make sports uncomfortable, make it difficult to dress, and cause self-esteem problems. A tummy tuck provides an opportunity to remove loose skin and excess adipose tissue, eliminating skin sagging and making the abdomen tight and flat again.

Don’t fear a mammography!

Since the advent of mammography in the 1930s, this field of diagnostics has undergone rapid development. While we talk more openly and more frequently about the importance of disease prevention, many women still fear a breast examination. Thanks to the latest developments in test equipment, breast examinations are now much faster, more accurate and significantly more convenient than in previous years. In our article, Dr. Rita Fülöp, a radiologist at Dr. Rose Private Hospital, discusses modern mammography.

Three Hangodys at Dr. Rose

Prof. László Hangody’s own father was a general surgeon, and now two of Prof. Hangody’s three sons - Dr. László Rudolf Hangody and Dr. György Márk Hangody - have become orthopedic surgeons as well. Many doctors have an inherited vocation within their families, but it is very much a rarity for some surgeries to be performed together by a father and his two sons. At Dr. Rose Private Hospital, everything is provided to perform orthopedic surgeries and related research and innovation using state-of-the-art surgical techniques. We asked the Professor and his sons about family, sports, the profession, scientific research, and the future of orthopedics.

Pollen allergy - why is an investigation important?

With the advent of the ragweed season, those who are sensitive will face difficult weeks if they are not prepared in time for the symptoms that regularly arrive in summer’s second half. Together with our expert, Dr. Rose Private Hospital’s allergist Dr. Magdolna Krasznai, we gathered the most important information about testing, medication, and immunotherapy.

Intimate laser treatment without taboos

In addition to incontinence, intimate laser treatment also provides a solution to many other problems, and with its help we can even avoid surgery and improve our quality of life. The affected age group is wider than we might think. Intimate laser treatment can provide a long-term solution to the discomfort caused by incontinence and hormonal changes too. Dr. Illés Balogh, a gynecologist at Dr. Rose Private Hospital, answers questions that affect many of us.

Unpleasant symptoms - urinary tract infection

Even if we search the English dictionary for the literal equivalent of the Hungarian word ’felfázás’, we’re unlikely to find it. Instead of the term ’the common cold’ (megfázás in Hungarian) used in everyday vocabulary, cystitis, or lower urinary tract infection, is appropriate here. Dr. József Varga, a urologist at Dr. Rose Private Hospital, answers questions about the symptoms that affect many women.