Pediatric nephrology

Pediatric nephrology is a specialization concerned with childhood renal and urinary tract diseases and their consequences.

When to consult a pediatric nephrologist:

  • for recurrent urinary tract infections (pelvic inflammatory disease, cystitis)
  • for a pathological/developmental abnormality detected during an abdominal ultrasound examination (renal pelvis and/or ureteral dilatation, abnormal location, size or structure of the kidneys)
  • for other cystic kidney diseases (polycystic kidney disease, multicystic dysplastic kidney disease, and solitary renal cysts) with or without familial incidence
  • lab tests (even in an asymptomatic state) for detected abnormal kidney function (increased creatinine, urea nitrogen level), low protein/albumin levels, or possibly anemia
  • in case of abnormal urine test results (protein urination, pus urination, blood urination)
  • urinary complaints: wetting oneself nightly and/or daily, frequent urination, dribbling of urine, weak urination
  • other urinary complaints: frequent or painful urination
  • if the child has excessive thirst, pees a lot (polydipsia, polyuria)
  • conditions of unknown origin with edema (non-allergic)
  • in case of lumbar complaints or confirmed or suspected kidney stones
  • High blood pressure in childhood may be due to kidney disease

What happens during a pediatric nephrology examination?

  • the medical history and any previous findings that may be available are given a detailed overview
  • discussing family medical history
  • a thorough physical examination
  • if necessary, additional lab tests (blood and urine) will be performed
  • if necessary, we also recommend imaging tests (ultrasound, MRI, renal isotope examination)
  • in special cases further examination (e.g., uroflowmetry, biopsy) is recommended and organized

How should you arrive for the examination?

While it is usually not necessary to arrive on an empty stomach, it is important to bring previous documentation related to the disease or complaints.