Scar treatment

Scar revision or scar treatment provides an opportunity for scars to become almost imperceptible or to improve significantly. In our institute we are at our clients’ disposal for surgical scar revision.

When is scar treatment warranted?

Surgical procedures, operations, household accidents, sports activities, or traffic accidents often result in cut or abraded wounds, bites, and burns that heal by scarring. Wounds on the body surface heal depending on the affected skin surface and the depth of the injury, but often result in a scar that sinks or protrudes from the skin.

What happens at the first consultation?

During the first consultation, our specialist examines the current condition of the scar injury and based on this, proposes the appropriate intervention, which may be surgical scar revision.

Preparing for the intervention

Depending on the size of the scar and the method of anesthesia, the surgical procedure may require certain preliminary tests (e.g., lab tests, ECG, x-ray), as it is important to find out if there are any health problems that may affect the course and outcome of the intervention. These tests can be performed comfortably, simultaneously, and without queueing at Dr. Rose Private Hospital. We recommend that you do not smoke, thereby promoting skin regeneration processes. Before the intervention, eat light meals, ensure you have a proper fluid intake, and we advise you to supplement certain vitamins and minerals (vitamin C, selenium and zinc), to help the body to prepare for healing. It is also contraindicated to take aspirin or ginkgo biloba and other herbal medicines two weeks before the scar treatment.

What happens during the procedure?

Scar correction surgery is performed under general or local anesthetic. The plastic surgeon first excises the previous scar, then rejoins the wound edges.

What results can you expect from the intervention?

Thanks to the chosen intervention, scars become almost unnoticeable or improve significantly. In the case of surgical scar revision, variations in the shape and form of scars disappear after 3 months, however, the final result is visible only after 18 months.

Recovery, aftercare

Following surgical scar revision, our plastic surgeon applies a sterile dressing to the wounds. After the procedure, you may need to spend a few hours or one night at Dr. Rose Private Hospital. To achieve the perfect result, our plastic surgeon works with absorbable sutures, so the scars heal more beautifully, while also sparing you the inconvenience of suture removal. During the first two weeks of recovery, we recommend that you avoid all strenuous physical work, after which you can gradually resume your previous lifestyle. After three weeks, light exercise can be taken, but you should refrain from sunbathing, or using the solarium or sauna for two months. After scar revision, you will need to attend follow-up examinations at times specified by your plastic surgeon, as the scars heal completely within 12 months. To promote regeneration, we recommend regular use of a scar treatment cream. Although we try to filter out all risk factors during pre-scar correction examinations - furthermore scar treatment and scar correction surgeries are a routine procedure - as with all surgeries, there may be potential complications that your plastic surgeon will inform you about during the consultation.