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Ever-expanding range of services and increasingly comfortable environment help quick recovery.

Surgeries at Dr. Rose Private Hospital

Our premium inpatient department has 3 operating rooms and 24 patient rooms with 33 beds to meet all our patients’ needs. Surgeric operations, orthopedic, gynecological, otolaryngological, urologiacal and plastic surgeries.  

Teljes körű kórházi szolgáltatások
A full range of hospital services

At Dr. Rose Private Hospital, 40 specialist clinics, our own operating theaters and inpatient department, and a separate children's department and maternity ward all await our patients in the heart of Budapest.

Manager screening at Dr. Rose

At Dr. Rose Private Hospital, we pay special attention to the prevention of disease and its early detection. Regular screening has a key role to play, as diseases diagnosed in time have a higher chance of being cured, or complications prevented by regular treatment and control tests.

Éves kártyák
Annual cards

With Dr. Rose Private Hospital’s annual card packages, we provide a secure and predictable solution for our clients and their families. We ensure a full range of premium healthcare, from preventive screening through to the investigation of symptoms and disease treatment.

Highlighted services

Why choose Dr. Rose?

  1. A new level of treatment and healing

    Complex healthcare to a peerless standard never before experienced.

  2. Personalized care

    Priority care, tailored treatment and luxury inpatient service.

  3. Exclusive environment

    Unique interior design in the heart of Budapest, where body and soul heal together.

  4. Our own personal operating rooms and inpatient department

    Three modern operating rooms and twentyfour premium standard patient rooms - with us, time spent indoors becomes an experience.

  5. Excellent value for money

    Transparent pricing. Planned healthcare expenditure with our annual card solutions.

120 000 satisfied patients
21 000+ successful operations
160 outstanding doctors
17 years' experience
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What our patients say

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    Prevention and screening are paramount to me. With the superior screening available at Dr. Rose Private Hospital, I felt in safe hands alongside truly professional medical experts, and with comprehensive and individually tailored examinations.

    Szabina Tomán, President, Toman Lifestyle

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    For 3 years I’ve been a Dr. Rose Private Hospital patient. I have an annual card so I come here for any health problem. Kind and professional staff, quality care, an elegant environment. I always leave with pleasant experiences.


    Enikő Mihalik, modell

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    Ónodi Eszter

     As the years progressed, I became increasingly aware that long-term health preservation begins with prevention. As a result, I have become a VIP card holder at Dr. Rose Private Hospital for two months now, where I am going to undergo regular screenings.

    Eszter Ónodi, actress

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    Rácz Jenő

    We are regular patients at Dr. Rose Private Hospital with our annual gold card, any problems that arise we go there immediately, so it is very convenient. Professionally they are very well prepared, actually my knee surgery was the icing on the cake, because then I could get to know the rest of the Hospital as well. They showed me around and I almost fainted: the maternity ward and the apartment belonging to it are like a five-star hotel.

    Jenő Rácz, chef with Michelin stars

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    Radics Gigi

    Everyone involved worked so professionally. The two nights spent here were like being in a five-star hotel, with no hospital feeling at all. It was really good to be here, we received royal treatment, thank you very much.

    Gigi Radics, singer

  • Everything was fine and I am glad I chose Dr. Rose for the surgery, we have been regulars ever since, and do all our examinations here. The team at Rose is very good and I know like everywhere there are sure to be internal frictions, but you can’t feel anything. The nurses deserve a separate chapter in the class, they show incredible professionalism and dedication, I really could not have wished for better.

    Zsolt Balogh

  • Seeing as nature didn’t take care of it, the Dr. Ákos Béla Molnár conjured up beautiful breasts for me. Both personally and professionally he is infinitely upright and masterful. I wholeheartedly recommend him to everyone. And his humor is irresistible.

    N. E.

  • The screening was a really fantastic experience, everywhere everyone was very kind and helpful, I am completely satisfied, and I will definitely choose your institution in the future as well.

    Andrea Pataky

  • Thank you to everyone there for their work. I am glad to have found out about the quality of their service and will continue to contact you straight away with any health problem that arises.

    Kornél Kárpáti

  • I am very grateful to Dr. János Gacs for his precise and thorough work. I owe him a big thank you for getting rid of excess skin and I regained my clear vision. But the real icing on the cake is that my face shows almost no trace of surgery as the result was beautiful and aesthetically flawless, without scars. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Gacs, whose knowledge also extends to many other fields.

  • Dr. István Molnár is a great person, as could have been guessed from our first meeting. Highly trained, conscientious and reliable, a true professional. Finding an understanding, patient and thorough doctor is very difficult, but one who works with a team that is at least as enthusiastic and professional is almost impossible. My surgeon is supported by a friendly and helpful team. The nurses were fantastic too, I couldn’t ask them for anything they wouldn’t have done to make me feel better. My hospital room was most like a spa's, and by no means reminiscent of a ward. It was fully equipped, ultramodern and beautifully clean. Dr. István Molnár did a perfect job, his attitude and expertise surpassed my imagination. The operation was successful, the end result is beautiful and natural, exactly what I wanted.

    Györgyi Balog

  • A few days after the operation, I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for the extremely high-quality work I encountered during my stay (including the attitude/knowledge/care of my doctor, Dr. Gábor Szakolczay-Vrábel, and the nurses' attitude, etc.). A surgery may never be a really good experience, but I think you all did everything you could to make this period of surgery a positive event in my memory.


    K. Gábor

  • I was with you today for a screening test and a work aptitude test and I am very satisfied with you. I have been to other private hospitals where there were also very nice and educated people, but you even surpass them. I would like to say a special thank you to the reception staff who got to know me personally and almost took me by the hand and accompanied me to the examinations. I would mention in particular that I was very glad that I was not addressed aloud, thus paying attention to the GDPR, but instead staff came to my side and accompanied me to the doctor. Special praise goes to the array of technical equipment. The doctors answered all my questions patiently and willingly. From now on, I will always choose you!

    David Szurovecz

  • In connection with my breast augmentation, first of all I would mention plastic surgeon Dr. György Sobor and his team. Everyone was very kind and their presence was very reassuring. When I was accompanied to the operating theater, even then the surgery staff answered my questions with infinite kindness, thanks to which I completely calmly awaited the operation. After the first check-up, I saw the results of my breast augmentation and I am very satisfied with the doctor's work.

    JD. Erika, Peli, lawyer

  • I had breast implant replacement surgery yesterday. Dr. György Sobor was my doctor and I am very grateful to him. Everything was fine, the nurses were very kind too, and everyone was very helpful. Hats off to everyone, thanks for your help! Ten out of ten!

    E. T.

  • You are now showing us a dimension of professional and attentive medical care that I never even knew existed.

    Tamás Fülöp M.D.

  • I had a cardiology examination with Dr. Sándor Mohay. I’m sure he’s one of the nicest doctors I’ve ever met. Finally, a place where they don't just want to fob you off with a prescription, but really take time to listen carefully to the patient. The doctor was very thorough and, in addition to the problem I presented with, gave advice in other matters too! I was very satisfied! On top of this, the whole institute is very pleasant, the atmosphere is soothing and everyone is very kind.

    A. V.


Dr. Rose Private Hospital has been refurbished and expanded

At Dr. Rose Private Hospital, which offers an ever-expanding range of services, visitors can experience outstanding professional standards and personalized, unique care, all in the comfort of a luxury hotel setting. The expansion of the hospital's inpatient department and its elegantly designed client area on the eighth floor were completed at the end of 2023.

Prostate cancer: easy to screen and curable

For ourselves and for our families: it's worth getting screened after the age of 40!
Every year, between 4,000 and 4,500 Hungarian men are diagnosed with prostate cancer. In Hungary, it causes the death of 1,000 men every year, even though it is easy to detect and curable. What does Dr. József Varga, urologist at Dr. Rose Private Hospital, recommend for Men's Health Awareness Month?

November offer from our dental partner

Dr. Rose Private Hospital's dental partner, VitalCenter Margitsziget, is offering its priority partners special discounts on the price of check-ups and preventive treatments as part of November's dental month. One of the most important tasks of dentistry is the prevention of serious dental problems, which is why in November, interested patients are offered free consultations and panoramic x-rays.