Dr. Rose Private Hospital has been refurbished and expanded

2023. December 5.

At Dr. Rose Private Hospital, which offers an ever-expanding range of services, visitors can experience outstanding professional standards and personalized, unique care, all in the comfort of a luxury hotel setting. The expansion of the hospital's inpatient department and its elegantly designed client area on the eighth floor were completed at the end of 2023.


Development of inpatient care department

The inpatient department on the 5th floor has been expanded with 8 new beds, and all the new rooms enjoy both state-of-the-art hospital equipment and stunning views of Budapest. Thanks to the upgrades, healthy ratios have been established between customer areas and clinics, as well as the number of beds and operating theater capacity.

Dr. Rose Private Hospital’s newest areas were designed and built by the DVM Group. With the jointly developed interior design concept, our primary intention was to create spaces where patients can relax undisturbed in elegant hotel-quality rooms. Our basic inspiration was the wonderful view and the city itself, which is how we created the three different styles, highlighting the different moods of Budapest.

In the Buda rooms, the natural environment of the Buda hills dominates with the extensive wooden paneling, green wallpaper, and velvet surfaces, complemented by soothing and elegant beige hues. Shades of beige also appear in the rooms’ en-suite bathrooms with their distinctive stone tiling.

With the Pest rooms, our aim was to present the eclecticism of the city’s Pest side. Here, a monochrome colorway dominates, with black and white appearing on the marble surfaces and textile wall coverings. Complemented by fresh greens on the wall coverings and the red of the velvet armchairs, this reinforces the vibrancy of life in Pest.

In the Danube apartment we used the most unique materials, with the blue of the river appearing in the velvet wall coverings and the living room seating. All this is complemented by elegant walnut surfaces and a pink onyx marble wall covering, which both harmonizes with the blue of the room and reflects Dr. Rose’s eponymous flower. This special onyx wall covering can also be found in the bathroom, paired with luxury quality Bisazza glass mosaics. In addition to the impressive panorama and the Chain Bridge that stretches out before us, the rose-gold lamps further enhance the atmosphere of the room.

Expansion of the client area

With the expansion of the client area on the 8th floor, the size of the waiting areas has tripled, providing an even more comfortable environment for customers. When it comes to customer service, discretion and personalized attention are top priorities. Patients can wait in a calm and comfortable environment, which significantly contributes to reducing pre-visit anxiety. Arriving at the hospital, you can immediately feel that everything here is done in the name of care and support.

When creating the lobby concept, our goal was to create a bright space where patients can wait in smaller, discrete spaces with a living room atmosphere separated by lamella partitions. Warm wood paneling and velvet surfaces subtly emphasize the breathtaking view. The newly installed coffee counter with unique bronze ’coffee taps’ contributes to the special, soothing and homely atmosphere.