Annual card packages

With Dr. Rose Private Hospital’s annual card packages, we provide a secure and predictable solution for our clients and their families. We ensure a full range of premium healthcare, from preventive screening through to the investigation of symptoms and disease treatment. Our annual prepaid packages are available for purchase at any time of the year and are valid for one year.

Our renowned medical team awaits our patients with more than 40 areas of expertise, while the services of our inpatient department are available at a discount. In the case of a multidisciplinary health problem, our physicians decide on potential treatment, therapy or possible intervention within the framework of consultations.

As a Private Hospital with a preventive approach, we consider it important that a comprehensive, one-site, one-time manager screening be given prominence in our cards.

Our annual card service is available on three levels:

Our Silver card customers can take an annual standard screening that provides a systematic overview of their health. In the event of a complaint or illness, the card includes benefits and diagnostic examinations in key areas of expertise. Our Private Hospital’s additional services of can be used at a discount.

We recommend the Gold card to our customers who would use a complex screening test and require a wide range of medical and diagnostic services. The card also provides opportunities for some outpatient interventions and home visits.

We have developed Dr. Rose Private Hospital's unique VIP card service for those who would like individual, exclusive customer service with full screening and unlimited medical and diagnostic care. In case of sudden health problems, we provide outstanding care in our Private Hospital or even in your home. We are also available for our VIP card customers outside opening hours. We provide security for our clients' family members too, should they require healthcare.

The comparison of premium annual cards is available HERE.

The annual White card provides reliable basic care in our hospital: a preventive screening test and a free-to-use budget. Additional services of our Private Hospital can be used at a discount.

Annual cards for children

Our pediatric annual cards are based on special criteria for different age groups: they contain all the prevention and health assessment examinations that can have a long-term impact on healthy development. Our children’s annual cards - like the adult’s annual cards - are available in Silver, Gold and VIP levels, providing an ever-expanding service to our little patients.

What our patients say

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    For 3 years I’ve been a Dr. Rose Private Hospital patient. I have an annual card so I come here for any health problem. Kind and professional staff, quality care, an elegant environment. I always leave with pleasant experiences.


    Enikő Mihalik, modell

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    Rácz Jenő

    We are regular patients at Dr. Rose Private Hospital with our annual gold card, any problems that arise we go there immediately, so it is very convenient. Professionally they are very well prepared, actually my knee surgery was the icing on the cake, because then I could get to know the rest of the Hospital as well. They showed me around and I almost fainted: the maternity ward and the apartment belonging to it are like a five-star hotel.

    Jenő Rácz, chef with Michelin stars