Pediatric ophthalmology

Ophthalmology is a medical field that requires special care in the case of children. Thanks to the excellent professional experience of our pediatric ophthalmologists, they look after the children who come to us with due patience and expertise. Owing to the possible lack of knowledge of letters and numbers, it is necessary to communicate in a different way during the examination.

When and with what kind of complaints should you consult a pediatric ophthalmologist?

The goal of pediatric ophthalmic screening tests is the timely detection of refractive and squint-eyed errors, to reduce the chance of developing blurred vision.

What happens during a pediatric ophthalmic examination?

Ophthalmic examinations, similar to those in adults, monitor and treat visual impairments, eye inflammation and other ophthalmic complaints, assess eye health and provide a wealth of information on general diseases of the body at the request of doctors in other fields (e.g., pediatricians, neurologists) to rule out possible diseases detectable by examining the back of the eye.

How should you arrive for the examination?

We ask that you please bring your child's previous medical findings and glasses with you.