VIP card

Dr. Rose Private Hospital has developed a unique VIP card service in this sector for those who would enjoy full screening and unlimited medical and diagnostic care in addition to a unique and exclusive service. In case of sudden health problems, we provide outstanding care in our hospital or even in your own home. We are also available for our VIP card clients beyond our opening hours. We provide security for our clients' family members too, should they require healthcare.

The annual VIP card contain the following services: 

Superior manager screening once a year:

Specialist medical examinations:

  • Internal medicine screening
  • Cardiovascular screening
  • Gynecological screening with cytology and vaginal ultrasound (for women)
  • Urological screening (for men)
  • Ophthalmic screening
  • Surgical screening
  • Dermatological screening (videodermatoscopic mole screening)
  • Ear-nose-throat screening
  • Locomotor screening

Imaging tests:

  • Two-view chest x-ray
  • Abdominal and pelvic ultrasound
  • Breast diagnostics: breast ultrasound (for women under 35), breast ultrasound and mammography (for women over 35)
  • Carotid artery Doppler ultrasound
  • Thyroid ultrasound

Laboratory tests:

  • Full lab test panel (complete blood test, ESR, blood sugar, liver function, blood lipids, kidney function, ions, urinalysis)
  • Additional laboratory tests (Ferritin, HbA1c, Magnesium, D-vitamin, CRP)
  • Thyroid examination (TSH, anti-TPO)
  • Tumor markers (male/female package)
  • Helicobacter antigen detection (from feces)
  • Human hemoglobin test (stool blood test)
  • PSA test (for men over 40)

Diagnostic tests:

  • 12-lead ECG
  • ECG stress test
  • Heart ultrasound
  • Arteriogram (angiogram)
  • BMD bone mineral density measurement (for over-40s)
  • Body composition measurement (InBody 770)
  • Dietary status assessment (questionnaire evaluation)
  • Psychological assessment (questionnaire evaluation)
  • Sleep diagnostics (OSA questionnaire and consultation based on medical indications)

Specialist’s opinion and health plan summary

Unlimited number of examinations in the following fields:

  • internal medicine
  • ophthalmology
  • gynecology
  • urology
  • ear-nose-throat
  • dermatology
  • cardiology
  • orthopedics
  • surgery
  • plastic surgery (consultation)
  • additional outpatient care in more than 10 specialties

Diagnostic tests related to specialist medical examinations:

  • 12-lead resting ECG
  • ultrasound examinations
  • x-ray examinations
  • mammography
  • arteriogram (angiogram)
  • spirometry
  • BMD (bone mineral density measurement)
  • filter audiometry
  • allergy test (skin prick)
  • mole examination with a dermatoscope
  • additional diagnostic tests

Laboratory tests related to specialist medical examinations:

  • full lab test panel (complete blood test, ESR, blood sugar, liver function, blood lipids, kidney function, ions)
  • CRP
  • HbA1c
  • TSH
  • complete urinalysis
  • basic stool tests (fecal blood, fecal digestion test, fecal culture)
  • PSA screening (for men)
  • gynecological cytology (for women)
  • stress tests (sugar, starch)
  • basic coagulation tests (prothrombin, INR, APTT)
  • additional specialist laboratory tests

MRI, CT scans, including contrast agents with medical indication (excluding: PET CT, cardio CT, heart MRI, isotope tests) - preferably within 48 hours of the provided date
Endoscopic examinations under anesthetic: gastroscopy, colonoscopy

Outpatient surgeries, interventions

  • dermatology, surgery, orthopedics, ear-nose-throat, gynecology specialities, with histology
  • Injection, infusion administration (includes medicines under 10,000 HUF and the 3-hour room rate)

Use of serial treatments in the following fields (unlimited number):

  • psychiatry
  • psychology
  • physiotherapy
  • dietetics

Additional services:

Dental screening in our partner institution (once a year): dental consultation, panoramic x-ray, tartar removal

Annual influenza vaccination including inoculant

Unlimited use of the vaccination center (includes vaccine fee up to 10,000 HUF)

Travel advice

Provision of an internal medicine examination within 3 hours during hospital opening times (non-emergency care)

General medical visit at home (24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in Budapest and its immediate vicinity) or on-call care at our hospital (general medical care, non-emergency care)

Finding a consultant: in case of a special medical complaint, we provide our clients with a doctor who deals at the highest level within a given field. (The extra specialist care fee only applies if the patient does not have a Hungarian TB health care card.)

The amount per card is 500,000 HUF per year, which can only be used by the 4 main beneficiaries indicated

General medical visit at home for 4 VIP beneficiaries (24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in Budapest and its immediate vicinity) or on-call care at our hospital - 4 times a year per card (non-emergency care)

Provision of a personal attendant

24-hour hotline (on-call service for medical advice)

20% discount for the following services:

  • Fees for specialist examinations and related diagnostic tests (not included in the package, excluding PrenaTest)
  • Vaccines, medicines (in cases of purchase and administration in our hospital)
  • Inpatient care fee (at least 1 night in the case of surgery, excluding cosmetic procedures)
  • Fees for maternity services (for yourself or a family member): childbirth, pregnancy care (not including PrenaTest)
  • Fees for plastic and cosmetic surgery
  • Fees for dental treatments in our partner institutions

Discounts shown on the card cannot be combined with other discounts

We offer our costumers three different annual cards, the comparison of annual cards is available HERE.