Our story

At any stage in our lives, the most important thing is to know our health is assured. Be it family planning, childbirth, pediatrics, surgical interventions or even a specialist medical examination, a high level of care and an exclusive environment conducive to recovery is essential.

In 2007, we opened the doors of Dr. Rose Private Hospital in the heart of Budapest with the determination to provide all this to our patients and to create a new concept in the field of outpatient care in Hungary. In addition to the highest level of specialist services, we launched our inpatient ward and obstetrics department in 2010 and opened our full range of plastic surgery and medical aesthetics units where, with the help of the latest technology and equipment, our patients can be beautified. In 2013, we launched our Corporate health center, where we also offer state-of-the-art occupational health services and group health insurance packages for the employees of a company.

We, the staff of Dr. Rose Private Hospital, know that in addition to successful medical interventions, healing requires the soul to fully relax and recharge. We have all the conditions for this: be it preventive screenings or any medical intervention, we await you with extra special, personalized care, together with a soothing environment where the soul also heals.

With more than 40 specialist clinics, state-of-the-art technology and diagnostic equipment, 3 perfectly equipped operating rooms, a 33-bed inpatient department and the best doctors, we await you in the exclusive world of Dr. Rose Private Hospital, where you and your family can heal in peace, security and real luxury with perfect care. All this for excellent value for money.

Experience a new dimension of healthcare, where the patient is paramount!