Annual cards for children

Children SILVER card Details 2600 EUR Children GOLD card Details 3000 EUR Children VIP card Details 3600 EUR

Perform age-appropriate screening test once a year

Unlimited number of specialist examinations and diagnostics with medical prescription

General pediatric examination  1

Examinations in the following pediatric specialties: ophthalmology, orthopedics, radiology, surgery, dermatology, ear-nose-throat, cardiology

Examinations in other pediatric specialties: allergology, pulmonology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, nephrology

Lab tests: basic lab test (child), child screening lab panel, full lab test panel (complete blood test, Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate, blood sugar level, liver function, blood lipids, kidney function, ions), CRP, HbA1C, TSH, complete urinalysis, basic stool tests (fecal blood, fecal culture, fecal digestion), oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT), basic coagulation tests (prothrombin, INR, APTI)

Additional lab tests: insulin resistance test (blood sugar and insulin levels), celiac screening, Helicobacter antigen detection (from feces), basic allergy tests, basic hormone tests, basic immunological tests

Specialist lab tests: additional hormone and immunological tests, extended allergy tests, lactose-intolerance genetic test (Exception: certain special genetic, immunological and tumor diagnostic tests)

Diagnostic tests: resting ECG, ultrasound, x-ray, spirometry, filter audiometry, allergy test (skin-prick test), mole examination via dermatoscope

Additional diagnostic tests: heart ultrasound, stress ECG, Holter, ABPM, exhalation tests (Helicobacter, lactose, lactulose), audiometry

Special diagnostic tests: videodermatoscopic mole examination (max. 3 moles/year), endoscopic examinations with anesthesia)

MRI, CT scans with contrast medium (if necessary) - with medical indication2

100 000 HUF
Additional available services

Injection administration, mandatory and recommended vaccinations according to age3

Annual influenza vaccination and administration

Outpatient intervention 5

100 000 HUF

Consultation by a panel of doctors in the case of a special problem

Providing a personal liaison assistant

Provision of pediatric telephone consultation on workdays between 8am and 8pm

Discounts for cardholders

Specialist examinations and related diagnostic tests in Dr. Rose Private Hospital (lab test, imaging diagnostic, endoscopy) which are not included in the package

10 % 15 % 20 %

CT and MRI scans, which are not included in the package2

10 % 15 % included

Vaccines, medication fees 3

10 % 15 % 20 %

Outpatient intervention fees 4

10 % 15 % included

Endoscopic procedures and associated anesthesia discount

10 % 15 % included

Inpatient care fee 5

10 % 15 % 20 %

1 Provision of the appointment within 1 workday, at our institution, during opening hours.

2 Except: PET CT, Cardio CT, Heart MRI, Isotope tests

3  For all vaccinations, we can only administer the vaccine provided by our institution, and only in our practice. The price of the packages does not include the price of the vaccine for recommended vaccinations. VIP card includes vaccines and medicines price up to 10,000 HUF.

4 Outpatient interventions in the fields of dermatology, surgery, orthopedics, ear-nose-throat, and gynecology, with histology (from 1 year old)

5 Minor surgical interventions based on prior surgical / anesthetic consultation (from 4 years old)