Occupational health

Workers in the 21st century face new technologies and jobs, and thereby different working conditions and risks than previously. Adapting to these changes, Dr. Rose Private Hospital’s professional team has created an advanced, flexible occupational health care system for company employees.

In the last two decades, as elsewhere a series of economic and technological changes have taken place in Hungary, which have fundamentally changed the world of work. In response to these challenges, our institution intends to pay special attention to the prevention, early detection and treatment of mental health, psychosocial, psychosomatic and stress disorders.

Our core occupational health activity is regulated by Government Decree 89/1995, 1993’s several times amended Act XCIII, and in accordance with the applicable occupational health decrees, legislation and co-decrees.

Dr. Rose Private Hospital’s occupational health care features:

  • Highly qualified healthcare professionals
  • Full range of modern medical equipment
  • Advanced diagnostic background
  • Complex spectrum of services
  • Steady professional and administrative contact
  • Flexible care organization
  • Competitive pricing

Dr. Rose Private Hospital’s occupational health care aims:

  • Increase workplace efficiency
  • Increase companies’ intellectual capital
  • Promote employees’ physical and emotional well-being
  • Reduce workforce fluctuation
  • Reduce sick pay costs

Our additional services:

  • Performing risk assessment
  • First aid course organization, professional support
  • Proactive occupational safety collaboration
  • Examinations for special occupations

(audiometry, spirometry, Biological Effect Monitoring (BEM) tests, etc.)

We offer our clients three different occupational health packages:

  • Standard
  • Medium
  • Benefit