Screening tests

At Dr. Rose Private Hospital, we pay special attention to the prevention of disease and its early detection. Regular screening has a key role to play, as diseases diagnosed in time have a higher chance of being cured, or complications prevented by regular treatment and control tests. In addition to our manager screenings, which include a thorough investigation, screenings focusing on a specific area or disease group, as well as the gynecological, urological and dermatological screening tests recommended annually, are also available.

We tailor and organize the necessary examinations for our patients and conduct them together in one place and at one time.

Manager screenings

In our comprehensive manager screening packages, we focus on the investigation of malignancies, cardiovascular diseases and metabolic disorders, taking into account the extra burdens of our stressful, busy lives. Each manager screening package includes specialist, imaging, laboratory and diagnostic examinations too. We prepare a specialist’s summary of the examination results, from which our patients get an overview of their health and the further actions necessary to maintain it.

We offer our costumers three different manager screening packages, the comparison of packages is available HERE.

Targeted screenings

In our targeted screening packages, we focus individually on one area, syndrome or disease group.

Screening tests for children

In addition to the basic screening tests recommended for children at each age, we also have screening packages for special problems such as parent-child relationships, behavioral disorders, allergic diseases, asthma, or endocrine and metabolic diseases.