6-week-old infant screening package

Even for infants, there are screening tests that are mandatory or recommended so that any abnormalities or developmental disorders undetected during pregnancy, which show no signs or symptoms, are detected and treated in a timely manner. Neonatal ultrasound is a painless examination and no side effects should be feared. 

Our six-week-old infant screening package is specifically recommended for babies born prematurely, twins, low-weight newborns, breech babies, or for babies who began their lives in Perinatal Intensive Care (PIC). 

The examination takes about 30 minutes and a change of baby clothes is recommended. 

Our screening package includes the baby’s sixth-week mandatory infant screening tests. 

The package includes: 

  • Pediatric health assessment
  • Child ultrasounds: skull, abdomen, hip ultrasound
  • Child orthopedic screening
  • Hearing test (BERA)
  • Guidance and advice: breastfeeding, vaccinations, treatment of disease symptoms, etc.