Imre Dreissiger M.D.

Pediatrician, Pediatric orthopedist

Dreissiger Imre, M.D., graduated from Semmelweis Medical University in Budapest.

After graduating, he worked at the SOTE Orthopedic Clinic, first at the adult orthopedic and traumatology department and later the pediatric orthopedic department.

During his clinical years, Dreissiger, M.D. received an award as an outstanding  educator. During these years, he also participated in a study trip to the Toronto Sick Childrens Hospital in Canada.

For years he performed hip screenings for newborns at the SOTE Gynecology Clinic.

He later joined the Department of Pediatric Orthopedics at Heim Pál Hospital as an assistant professor and later became the chief physician of the department.

He gained extensive experience in the conservative and surgical treatments of diseases occurring in pediatric orthopedics at Heim Pál Hospital.

He is also the pediatric orthopedic specialist at several other hospitals (Vác, Aszód and Balassagyarmat).

He has also been the team doctor for MTK Budapest FC for years.

Since 2010, he has also been working at Dr. Rose Private Hospital as a pediatric orthopedist.

He is fluent in English and has a basic understanding in German and Russian.

In his free time, he enjoys doing sports and regularly visits the theatre.

Areas of professional interest

  • Hip sprain,
  • Congenital foot deformities /falling ankle, foreleg deformity/
  • Spastic children, 
  • Vertebral deformities,
  • Goose sole
  • Sport injuries
Dr. Dreissiger Imre

Consulting hours

11.00 - 14.00

Spoken language

  • English,
  • German,
  • Russian