Tamás Bense M.D.

Pediatrician, nephrologist

I was born into the third generation of doctors and pediatricians in my family. In addition to my medical profession, for a long time I played with the idea of becoming an archaeologist or an architect. I completed a part of my education abroad (England and Germany), so I had the opportunity to acquire these two languages ​​in a native environment. I graduated from the Franciscan Grammar School in Esztergom.

After graduating from Semmelweis Medical University in 2001, I have been working at one of the leading pediatric institutions in the country, at the II. Department of Children's Clinic. At the clinic, I had the opportunity to learn in detail about many disciplines in pediatrics, with a particular focus on neonatal medicine, pediatric intensive care, haemato- oncology, and immunology. In 2006, I completed my specialization in pediatrics.

Thereafter my interest turned to childhood kidney diseases, and in 2009 I obtained specialization in nephrology. In the rheumatology-nephrology-immunology department of the pediatric clinic, we treat many children with autoimmune, metabolic, rheumatological, allergic and kidney diseases. I had the opportunity to expand my knowledge to this direction in 2009 in Frankfurt as part of my postgraduate training.

I am the member of the Hungarian Society of Pediatricians, the Hungarian Nephrology Society and the Hungarian Pediatric Nephrology Association, etc. I also take part in the undergraduate and postgraduate education of medical colleagues.

I have been part of the Dr. Rose team since 2011.

As a pediatric nephrologist, thinking of my little patients, I consider it really important to look at them holistically, not only at their kidney problems. In my mind - after Imre Magyar, the professor of internal medicine - just as a person cannot be healed without the body, the same way the body cannot be healed without the soul.

I am married, my wife is a pediatric cardiologist, we take care of two little boys.

In my free time I like to cycle and try to expand my knowledge as a barista.


Within nephrology, my main interests are: modern diagnosis and treatment of childhood hypertension, urinary tract infections, developmental disorders, nephrolithiasis, enuresis, and immunological kidney diseases.


Dr. Bense Tamás

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