Noémi Csoszánszki M.D.

Pediatrician, Gastroenterologist

I graduated summa cum laude from the Faculty of Medicine at Semmelweis University in 1993. Right from the beginning of my studies, my main field of interest pointed me towards pediatrics and gastroenterology. After finishing my education I started working at the II. Children’s Clinic of Semmelweis University, which has been my main place of work ever since. Apart from providing both outpatient and clinical patient care, I also perform teaching duties there.

I passed my certification examination in pediatrics in the October of 1999 and in gastroenterology in the November of 2002. I have been performing diagnostic endoscopic examinations on my own since 2003.

Besides my clinic duties, I had also been practicing at the Pediatric Gastroenterology department of the Kerepestarcsa Hospital between 2007 and 2009, and since the spring of 2011 I have been participating in the implementation of endoscopic examinations and providing pediatric gastroenterology patient care at the Szent János Hospital.

I have been treating young gastroenterology patients in my private practice since 2010.

I have always been emotionally affected by the psychic background of the patients and illnesses, thus I have become one of the founding members of Bátor Tábor.



Dr. Csoszánszki Noémi

Consulting hours

16.00 - 19.45

Spoken language

  • English

What our patients say

  • We thank you so much for Dr. Csoszánszki's all-encompassing attention, her extremely thorough work, and her very reassuring kindness to my little boy.