We use FotoFinder® technology from one of the world's leading manufacturers for long-term image-based monitoring of skin cancer. Mole screening is performed using the FotoFinder® camera system and Moleanalyzer pro® software with artificial intelligence developed by the Department of Dermatology at the University of Tübingen, Germany.

With this innovative technology, even the smallest changes in moles can be accurately tracked. By comparing moles recorded in full high-definition resolution at different times, any possible malignancy can be determined even more accurately. During the examination, in addition to the moles, the affected areas of the body are also recorded, thus allowing even more thorough long-term observation of the moles and any new skin formations.

During the examination, we first take overview images of the skin. The videodermatoscope is then used to take microscopic images of any atypical moles, which can be evaluated and analyzed. Digital storage of skin images allows for an objective comparison of past and current examinations during regular inspections, so even the smallest changes are detected.

Preventing skin cancer with FotoFinder®

  • long-term and complete documentation of the entire skin surface and all moles
  • examination of the whole body and initial analysis of skin lesions
  • regular examinations detect new and changed moles at an early stage
  • less unnecessary mole removal

It is important for the effectiveness of dermatological screenings that everyone be examined once a year so that we can recognize malignant changes in time and provide a surgical solution as soon as possible.