Viola Weszelits M.D. P.HD


I first started working at the Radiology Clinic of Semmelweis University in 1983. The title of my PhD thesis was “The Role of 3D CT-angiography in Cadaver Liver Transplantation – The Importance of Pre-and Post-operative Examinations”. During the last few years I have held lectures at numerous congresses in Hungary and abroad.

Radiology is a typically consiliary field of specialty in nature, mainly dealing with diagnostics, although in several cases it can become a possible course of therapy. The more I learn about a patient from their medical history, clinical status, diagnostic laboratory findings, the more precise my diagnose can become. I consider working and thinking together closely with clinicians very important. I believe in the relevance of my field, and I feel lucky because I really love my job.

Professional orientation

Within the field of radiology my main interests lie in ultrasound and CT diagnostics, as well as mammography. I regularly conduct ultrasound and CT-driven interventions, such as biopsies, drainages, transrenal drainage placement and markings, but I have also transplanted pancreatic islet cells.


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Dr. PHD Weszelits Viola

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