Probiotic cleansing facial treatment 

Probiotic cleansing facial treatment strengthens the skin, smooths and refines skin texture, helps to clean the pores and detoxifies the skin. It supports the skin's resistance to dehydration and imbalance and minimizes excessive shine. As a result of the treatment the skin will be soft, smooth and healthy. It is excellent for uneven skin tone, aging, oily and acne-prone skin. The probiotic mask used during the treatment supports the skin flora naturally present on the skin and restores the balance of the skin. The mask contains mineral-rich Brazilian green clay, which cleanses and refines the texture of the skin. In addition, the antioxidant-rich acai, mangosteen, goji and pomegranate ingredients nourish the skin.

When is a Probiotic cleansing facial treatment recommended?

Probiotic cleansing facial treatment detoxifies problematic acne-prone skin: it effectively cleanses clogged pores and reduces the greasy, shiny effect caused by excessive sebum production. It smooths the skin and refines its texture, corrects unevenness, helps treat acne and increases the skin's resistance to dehydration and imbalance.

What happens at the first consultation?

Like any treatment, a Probiotic cleansing facial is preceded by a health assessment consultation. This provides an opportunity for the practitioner to assess the current condition of your skin. Based on this, and according to your needs and expectations, they will make a personalized proposal as to which treatment is most ideal for you, and prepare a treatment plan.

Preparing for the treatment

In contrast to the preparations for plastic surgeries, no further examinations are required following those performed during the consultation.

What happens during the procedure?

Our specialist uses paraben-free skin care products in all phases of this roughly 50-minute treatment. First, the skin will be cleansed of make-up and possible impurities. The practitioner then chooses a peel that matches the current condition of the skin to gently remove dead skin cells, preparing the skin for further treatment. The most important step in the facial treatment is to apply a probiotic cleansing mask on the face, which takes effect in 10-20 minutes. The special feature of the yogurt-based detox mask is that it can support the skin's natural flora in addition to its moisturizing effect, restoring the skin's balance. Due to its content of Brazilian green clay, it nourishes the face with minerals, refining its texture while the activated carbon cleanses the pores. The mask is also very rich in antioxidants: the goji, acai, pomegranate and mangosteen it contains is a fantastic vitamin and mineral bomb that nourishes and protects the skin from the harmful effects of the environment. If the skin is inflamed and pimpled, once the face mask has been expertly removed the specialist will treat it with a special acne lotion in the next step, before caring for the eye area. Finally, a tinted sunscreen is applied to the skin, which not only makes the skin hydrated and evenly toned, but also protects the face from harmful UVA and UVB rays.

What results can you expect from the treatment?

The treatment immediately cleanses, detoxifies and mattifies the skin, and provides optimal hydration and balance through its nourishing active ingredients. The skin becomes cleaner, healthier, with a more even tone, and its resistance to harmful environmental effects increases. The effect of the first treatment is outstanding, however we recommend a course of applications to improve skin tone and maximize the cleansing effect.

Recovery, aftercare

No additional special treatment is required after the facial treatment, but we recommend that you follow the personalized skin care routine recommended by our specialist to keep your facial skin clean and healthy.