O2 Lift facial treatment

The O2 Lift skin rejuvenating method is recommended for those who want a luxurious facial treatment that provides immediate results. It is a fast yet gentle exfoliating procedure for all skin types that exerts its effects in the deeper layers of the skin: it detoxifies, replenishes, revitalizes and instantly energizes the skin.

When is an O2 Lift facial recommended?

The O2 Lift treatment maximizes the amount of oxygen that can reach the skin cells, thus providing instant radiance. The treatment can be done safely all year round. It can be used if we want to quickly make the face fresh and radiant and eliminate the traces of insomnia, or for an important event in which we would like to shine. It perfectly revitalizes pale, pasty skin and effectively treats problematic, acne-prone skin while clearing clogged pores and slowing down the aging process.

What happens at the first consultation?

As with any intervention, this treatment is preceded by a consultation with our specialist. This provides an opportunity for the practitioner to assess the current condition of the skin. Based on this and your needs and expectations, they will make a personalized proposal as to which treatment is most ideal for you, and prepare a treatment plan.

Preparing for the treatment

In contrast to the preparations for plastic surgeries, no further examinations are required following those performed during the consultation.

What happens during the procedure?

The O2 Lift facial treatment consists of 5 steps. The dermatologist first removes make-up and any impurities from the facial skin and then applies a peel that contains high concentrations of fruit enzymes. This gently yet effectively removes dead skin cells, preparing the skin to absorb the active ingredients by allowing them to reach the deeper skin layers. The specialist then applies an oxygenated face mask that makes the face radiant and fresh. Finally, they introduce a serum into the skin that contains rejuvenating plant stem cells, thus effectively fighting the free radicals that are also responsible for skin aging. As a final step, it is essential to protect the treated skin surface from harmful UV rays by applying a special tinted sunscreen. The creams used by our specialist are paraben-free. The treatment is not painful and has no side effects, at most you may experience a mild tingling sensation when the mask is applied.

What results can you expect from the treatment?

As soon as the treatment is finished the results of the O2 Lift facial are immediately noticeable. Your facial skin will be radiant, fresh, rejuvenated, hydrated and taut - therefore it is a good choice if you want to prepare for a special event even at the last minute. The treatment revitalizes and detoxifies the face’s delicate skin surface, cleanses the pores, accelerates the regeneration of skin cells even after the procedure, and also has an anti-inflammatory effect. Smaller wrinkles fade immediately and the skin's ability to absorb the active ingredients also increases, so the protective and nourishing ingredients also penetrate the deeper layers. O2 Lift facial rejuvenation has spectacular results at once, but when applied as a course of treatment, a lasting, outstanding change can be achieved. 

Recovery, aftercare

For at least one week after the procedure, it is essential to use certain skin care and regenerating products to enhance the results of the treatment. It is especially important to apply a sunscreen on the treated skin every day and to use skin care products containing plant stem cells recommended by our skin specialist. These help to correct skin imperfections and to protect and nourish the facial skin following the treatment.