Biomolecular sheet mask facial treatment

The biomolecular sheet mask luxury facial is a truly refreshing treatment - for any special occasion its dazzling effect is simply stunning. This moisturizing and anti-aging mask increases hydration, lightens discoloration, reduces minor wrinkles, rejuvenates, provides radiance and regenerates the skin. Professional treatment can be carried out safely all year round.

When is a biomolecular sheet mask facial recommended?

The biomolecular face mask facial treatment is recommended for those who are looking for a fast skin rejuvenation and regeneration procedure that provides real refreshment and radiance to the facial skin. The advantage of the mask is that it can be applied in any season and for all skin types: it instantly revitalizes, moisturizes and refreshes tired, dry skin, smooths out the fine wrinkles of aging skin and improves the tone of patchy or even pigment-stained skin. Because the special feature of the 3D mask is that it retains moisture, the active ingredients also penetrate the deeper layers of skin and can be more efficiently absorbed. Biomolecular sheet mask facial treatments can complement any treatment for stronger hydration, radiance and anti-aging.

What happens at the first consultation?

Like any intervention, a biomolecular sheet mask facial treatment is preceded by a consultation with our specialist coupled with a condition assessment. This provides an opportunity for the specialist to assess the current condition of the skin, to make a personalized proposal based on this - including the treatment that is most ideal for you according to your needs and expectations - and then to prepare a treatment plan. This procedure is also a great complement to any other facial treatment, to make your skin even more hydrated, radiant and firmer.

Preparing for the treatment

In contrast to the preparations for plastic surgeries, no further examinations are required following those performed during the consultation.

What happens during the procedure?

The first step in the treatment is for our dermatologist to remove make-up and any impurities from the facial skin. This is followed by removing the dead skin cells and fading the pigment spots with the dedicated ILUMA exfoliating powder. These first steps prepare the skin for the application of an anti-aging hydrogel sheet mask that instantly replenishes, hydrates and revitalizes the skin due to its red algae, locust bean, volcanic water, ginger root extract, peptide and antioxidant content. In order for the active ingredients to be properly absorbed, you can rest and relax with the mask for 20-25 minutes. Unlike many other face masks, the drying of the mask does not cause any uncomfortable sensations. After the ingredients have done their work, the skin specialist will carefully remove the mask to apply Vital C serum to the skin. Thanks to its vitamin C content, Vital C serum enhances the facial’s effect, rejuvenating and further smoothing the facial skin. Lastly, the 30-factor tinted face cream provides additional hydration and sun protection for your skin following the treatment.

What results can you expect from the treatment?

The advantage of the procedure is that the result is immediately visible: it quickly and spectacularly makes the skin radiant, full of life, smooth and hydrated. It simultaneously regenerates sun-damaged skin, restores discoloration and smooths out minor facial wrinkles. As part of a course of treatment, even more spectacular results can be achieved in arresting the aging of the skin.

Recovery, aftercare

The biomolecular sheet mask facial treatment requires no special aftercare, allowing you to return to your work and daily routine straight after treatment.