Urological surgeries

Most urological problems are treatable with medication, but in some cases a surgical solution is the course of action. Today, a significant proportion of urological surgeries can already be performed with an endoscope, that is, using a fiber-optic device inserted through the urethra or the skin - even tumor surgeries that once seemed unthinkable without exploratory abdominal surgery. Endoscopic surgeries result in much less stress for the patient, with faster healing and fewer complications. We only resort to exploratory surgery if the disease cannot be safely cured by other means.


Our hospital offers both one-day and multi-day surgical care. 

Surgical operations are always preceded by a detailed and careful examination. The goal of the examination is to get the patient into the operating room in the best possible condition, so that the healing is faster and the number of complications is significantly reduced.

Our main urology surgeries:

  • Surgical phimosis repair
  • Excision hydrocele
  • Circumcision
  • Frenulotomy