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Group Health Insurance

Advanced corporate health care

The advantage of the health care insurance jointly created by UNION Insurance and Dr. Rose Corporate Health Care is that it provides high quality health care services for our clients with high emphasis on health preservation and prevention.

The features of these health care insurance packages are the following: 

• Companies can provide them to their employees as a deductible part of occupational health care, a non-contributory benefit or a tax-free allowance
• As it is group health insurance, no previous risk assessment is needed
• Treatment costs can be calculated in advance in the insurance scheme
• Every company can pick a construction perfectly aligned with its needs from the wide range of available packages
• We grant an annual complete health screening, which means a personalized medical examination package
• Apart from the annual screening, our clients are entitled to an unlimited number of specialist examinations at our Corporate Health Care department at chosen times by appointment
• As there is no waiting list, time spent away from work can be reduced to the minimum
• A health care hotline available 24/7 that can be contacted in case of any kind of health problem

UNION – Dr. Rose Health Insurance Packages


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