Downloadable x-rays and mammography scans

2022. January 28.

At Dr. Rose Private Hospital, we use state-of-the-art digital devices for x-ray and mammography examinations. The completed x-ray and mammograph images are also available online for our patients. The unique link to the gallery and how to access it will be emailed to our patients. The images can be downloaded - even from a mobile phone - for later saving, and we provide your doctor with a view of the image findings in medical format (DICOM). Previous x-rays can be of great help in diagnosing and setting up the optimal treatment plan.


 X-ray examination

Imaging study via the production of ionizing radiation, routinely used today, based on an appropriate medical indication. It is used primarily to assess our skeletal system (bones and joints), our thoracic organs (lung screening, inflammation, preoperative investigation), and certain emergency chest-abdominal diseases. No preparation required, painless.

After the affected part of the body is exposed, we usually take a 2-view x-ray in the still state. Following an appropriate indication, with maximum observance and application of the statutory radiation protection regulations the examination is harmless. The potential information may be more beneficial to the patient’s health than the risk of radiation exposure. Our digital x-ray machine reduces unnecessary radiation exposure to patients via a lower radiation dose, while ensuring a more precise, excellent high-resolution image quality. Be sure to tell your doctor beforehand if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.


In Hungary, breast cancer is an increased health risk for women over the age of 40, so regular breast screening is recommended. In breast cancer screening, mammography using soft x-ray radiation is the only scientifically proven procedure. In our institute we use a high-tech direct digital mammography machine. It is recommended that the test be performed in the first half of the cycle, i.e., within 15 days of the first day of menstruation.

During the examination, the breasts are compressed from two directions before images are recorded. We perform complex breast screening in our institute (mammography + physical examination + ultrasound examination). If necessary, 3-dimensional tomosynthesis, biopsy (thin and thick needle), and stereotactic sampling are also performed. Over the age of 35, ultrasound is not a substitute for mammography. Prior to plastic surgery, for the over 30s we perform complex breast screening.