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1. Any further use of the content of drrose.hu either for free or as a paid service shall be subject to our Institute’s prior written permission (including e-mail as a written form) and to the precise indication of the source. The names, expressions, logos, pictures, graphics, ideas, data and information displayed on the Website are covered by trademark and copyright protection and their unauthorized use is against the law. 

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3. During the production of drrose.hu, our Institute takes every reasonable step to ensure the accuracy and authenticity of its data and news content and selects the news sources used by it with utmost care, but it assumes no liability for the accuracy, modification and authenticity of any data, news or information content. 

4. In case of personal data requests, our Institute acts in compliance with applicable laws, specifies precisely the purpose of the data request in each case and uses the data obtained only for that specified purpose. 

5. We are entitled to restrict or terminate any ID and password secured services without explanation and previous notice. 

6. Our Institute takes every technically reasonable effort for the secure storage of users’ data, taking into account in particular the provisions of Act CXII of 2011 on the informational self-determination and the freedom of information, Act VI of 1998 and Act LIII of 2005 on the protection of individuals during the machine processing of personal data, Chapter XVII of Act C of 2003 on telecommunications and no. 226/2003. (XII. 13.) Government decree on the special conditions of data processing by the telecommunication service providers and the data security of telecommunication services. 

7. Our Institute or its indirect agent - as Data Controller - can store and use the data of registered users and subscribers freely for statistical purposes in an aggregated form. Our Institute only uses the users’ data for directly soliciting business if consent is received by it from the users concerned and it does not transfer them to any third party under any circumstances. Data Controller shall destroy the personal data upon termination of the purpose of use or at the user’s request. 

8. If you provide your personal data (e.g. name, address, email address, telephone number, fax number) via the Website or by using the email address indicated therein, our Institute will process and archive such data. The data supply is voluntary. 

9. At the user's request, our Institute provides information about the treatment of user’s personal data or modify data or delete such data at the request of the right holder.

10. At drrose.hu website, links pointing to external sites can also be found. Our Institute does not accept any liability whatsoever for the content of websites accessed by these links and the data management safety of these websites. 

11. Drrose.hu does not collect any data about the Users and the Registering Persons, which are not provided by them, however the User and the Registering Person hereby accepts that it may place small data packets, i.e. the so-called cookies at the User’s or Registering Person’s computer in order to serve their needs better. The anonymous visitor identifier (cookie) is an information sequence suitable for unique identification for storing profiles, which is placed by the server on the Website visitor's computer. Such sequence alone cannot in any way identify the visitor of the Website, it is able to recognize the Visitor's computer only.

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13. Our Institute assumes no liability for damage resulting from the failure or interruption of the service of drrose.hu.

14. The materials of drrose.hu are for informational and educational purposes only, and cannot provide answers to any questions that may arise in connection with a specific disease or any other subject, and especially they cannot replace a personal meeting and conversation with doctors, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals or a thorough checkup.