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Cutting Edge Surgery to Restore Damaged Joints

The natural surface wear or traumatic damage of cartilages – the smooth, delicate inner lining of your joints – can be both painful and debilitating. Innovative ways of restorative surgery are less invasive, more effective and heal quickly. Orthopaedic surgeon Professor László Hangody, medical director of Dr. Rose Private Hospital, is the forerunner and internationally acclaimed expert of mosaic plastic surgery: a cutting edge technique to effectively restore worn-out joints.

Joint surgery has been developing in quantum leaps over the past twenty-five years, introducing innovative surgical methods in clinical practice. Hungarian specialists are in the vanguard of medical innovation, most notably Professor Hangody, the inventor of mosaic plastic surgery: “a minimal invasive surgical procedure that uses the auto transplantation of the patient’s own hyaline cartilage tissues to patch up small and moderate lesions on the joint surface,” defines the essence of the technique Dr. Hangody. “Small cylindrical pieces of bone and cartilage are pierced from the healthy, non-loadbearing surface of the knee joint, which are then transplanted to the worn or damaged loadbearing surface. It takes 6 to 12 months for the implants to completely heal and grow into the bone, making a smooth joint surface once again,” explains the professor. One of the major advantages of the minimal invasive surgery is that patients can walk the following day and it takes a few more days to convalesce in hospital before returning home. Our physiotherapists make the most of those few days to ensure a fast recovery.

Orthopaedic surgeons in our private hospital employ a wide range of cutting edge techniques to restore different types of cartilage damage. Allogenic transplantation (using cartilage from donors) is unavoidable to tackle deep and extensive joint damage. Moderate cartilage wear and damage can be successfully treated with restorative auto transplantation, using the patient’s own bone tissue.

The smallest cartilage problems are best treated with yet another innovative restoration method invented by Hungarian experts: using biodegradable implants to propagate cell growth. “Basically we are implanting a biodegradable form work that prompts the body to produce healthy cartilage tissue,” explains Professor Hangody. “In most cases we can boost the self-healing process with stem cells extracted from the patient’s own bone marrow.”

Dr. Rose Orthopadeic Centre offers all the above mentioned medical procedures. Our highly trained specialists have access to the latest biodegradable implant structures, biological cartilage implants and adult stem cell concentrates to employ in arthroscopic and minimal invasive keyhole surgery, ensuring our patients of a successful and fast recovery.