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Dr. Rose For Your Corporate Needs

Profound economic changes all over Europe in the past two decades have also reshaped the conditions of employment and the work environment.

The services of Dr. Rose Corporate Health Centre are fully in line with the changing work environment, answering the needs of employers and employees alike, focusing on prevention in general, and stress-related illnesses and mental wellbeing in particular, as well as treating diagnosed health problems. A high value medical package is proven to enhance employers’ loyality. Regular check-ups and screenings pay off with less days spent in sick leave and ultimately reduce downtime and increase corporate efficiency.

“Our aim is to establish long-term strategic partnership with our clients. It all starts with assessing the individual needs of each company, so that we can offer a customised health package that suits them best,” explains Tekla Madacsay, Director of Corporate Health Care Development.

State of the art infrastructure, a wide range of medical experts, combined with a top notch environment make for premium services at Dr. Rose Private Hospital’s Corporate Medical Care. 90 percent of the examinations necessary for occupational health screenings and nearly thirty specialist consultations are available in-house at Dr. Rose. A unique service is a mental health hotline, providing instant counselling for employees working in a highly stressful environment.

Good to know

We teamed up with Union Insurance to make up fantastic group health insurance packages – fees are tax deductable and grant unlimited access to a range of services at Dr. Rose Corporate Care, while also functioning as traditional sum-insured policies.
Get in touch with us to take advantage of this one of a kind product and choose the package that covers you best.