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Healthy Job How health conscious is your work environment?

A good employer is not only generous with pay and perks but also looks after your health, taking preventive measures as much as covering your medicals should you become ill. What and how we do for a living has radically changed over the past two decades: new types of jobs and computer technology have brought about fundamental changes and with them new risks. An increasing number of people spend their working day – often more than eight hours – in front of the computer screen, sedentary yet exposed to stress and anxiety, bound for a physical or mental breakdown. Employers are not happy about your sick leave. So be it, then they should take preventive measures to ensure that employees are well looked after. Tekla Madacsay, Head of Corporate Sales at Dr. Rose Private Hospital, sheds light on the rationale behind a healthy workplace.

Corporate health care and group insurance relieve the national health system while benefiting both the employer and employees…

That’s correct. If you know what it’s like to queue up for a doctor’s appointment at the local health centre, or had to be for months on a waiting list for tests or surgery, or felt embarrassed to hand over an envelope with money for apparently free medical services, then you have an idea why corporate health care is a major improvement.
Employers can rest assured that their workforce is up and running in good health, minimising downtime and sick leave, simply because they are provided with a reliable service of fast and efficient medical treatment and regular health checks. Screening employees for work-related and other medical conditions is a preventive measure that pays off with early treatment and reduced downtime.

What are the incurring costs?

Depending on the policy and number of employees involved, it comes at a realtively modest price compared to the health and financial benefits. The few thousand Forints a month spent on each employee really pays off in the long run, especially as the costs are entirely tax deductable. Enticing employees with valuable perks that help them look after their most priceless asset: health, and all that tax-free – it is a real boon for a responsible employer. More and more decision makers realise that the health of their key personnel is also a key to corporate success. Considering the high professional level of our staff, the exclusive environment of our premises, and the unparalleled flexibility of our medical packages, Dr. Rose Private Hospital is truly the pick of the crop when it comes to high-end perks, greatly contributing to employers’ loyalty. It’s a small price to trade in the vulnerability that patients feel in public health care for the service and certainty that we provide.

What is included in corporate health care packages?

IN cooperation with Union Insurance, we offer unparalleled flexibility, taking into account the actual needs of our partners. The basic package provides the most essential annual preventive health checks, prescriptions and a 24-hour medical call center. More complex policies can range from unlimited specialist appointments through maternity care or same-day surgery to extended medical insurance of family members. What makes our service truly unique is the unrivalled medical background of our own hospital.

How can corporate clients choose the right policy the suits them best?

We have an experienced sales staff to give expert advice and full support to find out about and cater for our clients’ needs. We constantly keep in touch through our dedicated client support, informing them about new options and opportunities to keep their policies up to date. We make a point of providing a comprehensive report with the relevant data.

Good to Know

Every corporate health package at Dr. Rose Private Hospital includes the annual influenza vaccination for free – due to be administered in November.