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Dr. Rose Private Hospital proudly supports the 5th Smile Charity Auction

The Smile Foundation’s therapeutic programs provide psychological support in times of crisis caused by illness and during rehabilitation. Smile therapy programs are available in hospital wards for sick children, as well as in the form of long-term out-of-hospital therapy groups and summer storytelling camps.

The Smile Foundation, established more than 20 years ago, is based on personal contact. This defines both the professional work of the foundation and the fundraising that ensures it. In several Hungarian cities, children and their families whose physical and mental balance has been upset by serious illness or trauma, are supported by our storytelling camps and art therapy services. An essential element of this therapeutic service is personal contact, which is especially appreciated when a child’s recovery from illness still seems unattainable, the treatments required are often painful, friends fall out of sync with visiting times and parents are left feeling helpless.

The foundation’s hospital therapy sessions and long-term rehabilitation support groups are attended by around 800 children a year. This year has brought about a renewed appreciation in the value of spiritual support, and due to the coronavirus pandemic, the foundation’s staff have launched programs in new children’s wards and increased the number of their therapeutic sessions too.

Dr. Rose Private Hospital has supported the Smile Foundation’s work since 2017, and this year we are proud to support the 5th Smile Charity Art-Craft-Design auction as well.

This year’s virtual auction will take place on Friday, November 27, with proceeds going to support the further implementation of Smile Therapies.

For more information about this online event and to view the auction catalogue, go to: https://mosolyaukcio.vegroup.hu/

We hope that as many people as possible will be encouraged to participate and bid.