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4+1 EASY TO REMEMBER IDEAS to start the school year

Back to school? Watch your children’s back! The weight of school bags worn carelessly may deform their tender growing spines. See our tips on how to pack and wear a backpack properly to save them from painful back issues later in life.

1. Pack the heaviest books and items as close to the spine as possible — keep the centre of gravity close to the body and the bag will feel less heavy.

2. Pull both shoulder straps equally tight so that the bag is not sagging low and neatly aligns along the spine symmetrically.

3. If the bag comes with a padded hip strap use it so that the pelvis carries weight rather than the spine.

4. Make sure that the bag weighs no more than 10 percent of the child’s body weight.

+1 It is a good idea to start the school year with a check-up! Consult an orthopaedic paediatrician to examine your child’s spine and look for any deformities. Early detection is crucial and a personalised plan could correct existing anomalies and prevent further ones. A specialist can also prescribe orthotic insoles for everyday use if need be.