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Prenatal Care

Every pregnancy is different, so it is hard to tell exactly what awaits for expectant mothers. In our modern world most women work during pregnancy and face with stress, thus support of an excellent specialist is crucial to give birth to a healthy child. The obstetrical specialists of Dr.Rose Private Hospital are at your service from the very beginning of the pregnancy to make sure that every moment of the pregnancy will be spent in joy and health.

We compiled our prenatal care packages to offer full service to expectant mothers. We perform every examination at our Institute to spare you from the discomfort of waiting and commuting through the city. The package includes the compulsory and optional examinations, consultation with our specialist and preparatory programmes to prepare the parents for the arrival of the baby. 

The price of the prenatal care package contains the following services:

  • Unlimited amounts of consultation with our specialists and physician visit
  • Consultation with pediatric specialists
  • 1 consultation with the midwife
  • 1 dietary consultation in every trimester
  • Full range of screening examinations***(contains every compulsory examination required by the Hungarian Health Care protocol)
  • Genetic ultrasound examinations (detecting Down-syndrome, measurements of neck folds- NT, nasal bone)
  • TORCH screen, AFP, laboratory tests
  • 4D ultrasound, baby cinema, Flowmetry examinations
  • CTG (listening to the baby’s heart beat)
  • Online pregnancy journal
  • If hospitalization is necessary during pregnancy we offer 10% of discount from the hospitalization care.

***Nifty and Prena tests are available for additional payments

The following price of the prenatal care package applies to the entire period of pregnancy and includes all of the aforesaid services: HUF 680.000

You can ask for our package at later stages of your pregnancy. The prices are the following:

From week 19: HUF 580 000
From week 26: HUF 480 000
From week 33: HUF 380 000
From week 36: HUF 280 000

We provide the following services to our packages:

  • Consultation-hours fit to the expectant mother’s schedule (8:00am-08:00pm on weekdays)
  • Telephone hotline at night and on the weekends (24 hour specialist hotline)
  • Performing examinations at one hospital (gynecology, laboratory, ultrasound etc.)
  • Preparation for alternate childbirth methods based on the expectant mother’s needs
  • The most advanced technology and machinery
  • Amenities
  • Free parking
  • You can read further information regarding our prenatal care packages here.

Please find more information on our prenantel care packages here!

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