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HIFU - High Intensity Focused Ultrasonic treatment

When do you need HIFU treatment?

Hight Intensity Focused Ultrasonic treatment is highly recommended for men and women who wish to have the problematic areas of skin – on the face and cleavage, around the knee, along the thighs and arms – tighter, smoother and less wrinkled, without the usual disadvantages of plastic surgery: the downtime of recovery, discomfort and possible complications. HIFU treatment is exceptionally effective in lifting the skin around the eyebrows, the neck and the chin, as well as for smoothing out those stubborn crow’s feet around the eyes. Penetrating deep into the tissue, the ultrasonic waves revitalise and tighten the tired skin. Easy to successfully combine with other rejuvenating treatments, the procedure improves the general tone and texture of the skin, correcting pale complexion, and significantly putting off the need for plastic surgery when used as early as the age of 20 or 30. HIFU is an FDA-approved, personalised treatment, always administered by a dermatologist with E-clip technology, using  medically certified equipment – your guarantee for a safe procedure. 


First we recommend a consultation with our dermatologist, who examines and assesses the overall condition of your skin, giving you suggestions about the possible rejuvenating treatments. Based on the desired effect that you have in mind, our specialist takes into consideration any previous rejuvenating or beauty treatment before coming up with a personalised treatment plan. HIFU treatment can be done right after the first consultation, whatever the season. 

The HIFU procedure

The dermatologist first cleanses the affected skin area, then uses local anaesthetics so that all you will feel is a gentle warmth. The right treatment head and ultrasonic wavelength are set to ensure the precise depth of penetration according to the condition of your skin and the nature of your problem. Ultrasound does not affect the topmost layers of the skin, so there are no visible scarring of the epidermis. Penetrating through and getting absorbed deep under the skin, the ultrasonic waves cause localised hyper-thermal shock and create microscopic scars on the top layers of muscles, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin fibres, which are responsible for the suppleness and elasticity of your skin. The HIFU procedure lasts 60 minutes including post-treatment care. 

What to expect from the treatment?

The E-clip HIFU equipment has a high energy ultrasonic capacity, which means that it can penetrate deeper under the skin than other ultrasonic equipment, effectively tightening the skin. At the same time, the treatment does not cause burn marks unlike other HIFU equipment. The treatment head features not just one but eleven lines of ultrasonic emitters, making the procedure fast and the skin tightening more uniform. Even a single treatment makes the difference with immediate and natural looking results. Over the following three months you will experience a continuous and intense skin rejuvenation, until you see the maximum result of the procedure in 2-3 months, which lasts nearly two years. After that we suggest follow-up treatment to maintain the improved skin condition, which can be repeated maximum twice a year, at least six months apart. 

Recovery and post-treatment care

The good news: it’s business as usual right after the treatment, you can even apply makeup straight away. Being a non-invasive procedure, HIFU has no recovery period, and the only side effect of the treatment is a possible redness of the skin and slight swelling for a few hours. It is important, however, to avoid activities that would overheat your skin, such as sunbathing, tanning beds, sauna or intensive work-out. It is also advisable to avoid using cosmetics and skincare products that block the pores of your skin: e.g. peeling and toning products. On the other hand, you are advised to protect your skin with SPF30 sunscreen daily.


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