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Diabetology is concerned with the prevention and treatment of diabetes. This condition is probably the most common metabolic disease in developed countries. Although it might affect all of the body by attacking several organs at the same time, its symptoms are very scarce, thus many sufferers of diabetes remain undiagnosed or mistreated.

A healthy organism precisely adjusts blood sugar level in a complex way. Insulin is the most important hormone in the process, as it keeps blood sugar level low. The cause of diabetes is an insufficient insulin reaction, either because the body does not produce enough insulin, or because cells do not respond to insulin adequately. This leads to occasionally or permanently high blood pressure.

Certain conditions (pregnancy) and diseases (hyperthyroidism) may cause temporary secondary diabetes.

During a diabetology consultation the specialist assesses your condition based on your medical history, most recent medical records and the findings of additional medical examinations. Then he or she proposes a personalized therapy and lifestyle plan which usually consists of medication, a change in lifestyle, metabolic adjustment and exercise program.

As diabetes is frequently followed by long-term complications (high blood pressure, heart disease and vasoconstriction) it is often necessary to cooperate with other specialties (cardiology, vascular surgery, etc.) throughout the treatment.


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