Endocrine and metabolic screening package for children

Disorders affecting the hormonal system and metabolism are diverse and widespread, making them among the most common health complaints in childhood. They can result in deficient or overactive glands (e.g. thyroid, growth), menstrual disorders during puberty, skin conditions (e.g. abnormal hair growth), weight control problems (e.g. insulin resistance, obesity, metabolic syndrome, or even abnormal leanness). Diseases not detected and treated in time - aside from cosmetic or aesthetic problems - can result in irreversible complications and associated diseases, such as central nervous system dysfunction, infertility, early atherosclerosis and cardiovascular diseases, etc. Their detection, prevention and timely treatment is therefore essential in childhood/adolescence and requires a targeted, complex screening.  

The screening package for children and adolescents involves a risk analysis in accordance with international medical guidelines, using a scientifically validated method and basic tests. Targeted examinations (laboratory and imaging) are then conducted to establish an accurate diagnosis or diagnoses. Lifestyle counselling and focused, individualized treatments are carried out according to any identified diseases or preventive conditions. 

 Package includes: 

  • Pediatric (endocrinology-metabolic) basic test to assess risk, based on individual and family history and a physical examination
  • Completing and evaluating a risk questionnaire
  • General lab test: blood count, Westergren blood test (ESR), liver function, kidney function, chloride, fasting blood sugar and insulin levels, iron, ferritin, lipid panel, IgA, IgM, IgG, TSH, complete urinalysis, allergen specific IgEnutritive panel (20), celiac panel, lactose-intolerance genetic test 
  • Child abdominal ultrasound

Additional examinations following the pediatrician’s recommendations (additional fees apply): sugar load test with insulin levels (OGTT 1.75g/kg, max. 75g glucose, 0, 60, 120 minutes); thyroid ultrasound; dermatological examination; imaging tests (MR, CT), etc.