HydraTouch Facial cleanser - active ingredient permeation, anti-aging treatment 

This peerless, complex cosmetic device is programmed to implement a needle-free hydra-dermabrasion and electroporation treatment. Ampoules of specific active ingredients of medical purity permeate into the skin’s deeper layers to specifically treat individual problems - dry, oily or even discolored pigmented skin - and make the skin smooth and radiant.

When is a HydraTouch Facial warranted?

The program is applicable for acne, acne scars, aging spots, signs of skin sagging, fine lines and wrinkles, light-damaged skin, as well as uneven or rough skin textures, and dry/oily skin. The first step - during the AquaClean treatment - is to use lactic and natural salicylic acid in a safe concentration to cleanse and exfoliate facial skin. The lactic acid used in the first phase, in addition to its excellent moisturizing effect, cleanses the skin’s outer layer and clears the way for the active ingredients for the deeper layers of the skin. The salicylic acid used in the second phase simultaneously takes up the fight against blackheads and acne and stimulates the production of collagen. It also promotes skin renewal, reduces pore size and soothes skin prone to inflammation. This is followed by hydration through the application of complex active ingredients. The deep moisturizing complex of this third phase contains hyaluronic acid, fermented bifida bacterial extract, gamma polyglutamic acid, protein complexes and glycolic acid. Hyaluronic acid strengthens the skin’s protective layer, has an immediate replenishing effect and increases skin hydration. This is followed by treatment with hydrogen-rich water, which neutralizes free radicals. Needle-free electroporation is intended to restore firmness to the skin of the face and neck by targeted application of active ingredients. During electroporation, the active ingredients permeate the skin’s deeper layers.
With the help of the Double Lifting treatment head, not only can we deliver active ingredients to the skin, but via the weak electric current, the mimic muscles are stimulated and relaxed, as a result of which the skin becomes firmer.

What happens at the first consultation?

Prior to treatment, our beautician will consult with you to provide personalized care by getting to know your skin. They will describe the steps and effects of the HydraTouch Facial cleanser, active ingredient permeation and anti-aging treatment.

Preparing for treatment

No special preparation is required for cosmetic treatments.

What happens during treatment?

After cleaning the skin, our beautician performs the three-phase cleansing treatment, frees the facial skin from dead epithelial cells and normalizes sebum production with the help of salicylic acid. After exfoliation and deep cleansing, as a continuation of the program, our beautician applies the active ingredients to the skin to achieve deep hydration. The various active ingredients are specifically designed to help rejuvenate and restore the skin. Among the range of INNOVERA Polyvital L ampoules, everyone will find the suitable one for their skin. These have a volume-replacing, filling effect and regenerate the harmful effects caused by oxidative processes. A uniform, remodeled skin texture and more youthful contours are achievable with this treatment, which has a deep, intensive skin rejuvenating effect for treating wrinkles and scars due to its effect on skin cell growth factors.
With the help of hydrogen-rich water produced within the device, the integrity and health of the skin is therapeutically restored, and damage caused by free radicals is reversed. As part of the program, the needle-free electroporation treatment can be continued to deliver each active ingredient and restore skin firmness. The Double Lifting treatment ends with a micro-massage, during which the face is rejuvenated and tightened due to stimulation of the muscles via a weak electric current. This method can also be combined with manual facial contour tightening treatment, as both methods achieve taut and defined facial contours by enhancing facial muscle tone. The two treatments - complementing each other - strengthen connective tissue and improve the condition of the elastic fibers in the facial skin.
At the end of the program, our beautician will perform a finishing treatment with a regenerating preparation and a sunscreen.

What results can you expect from the treatment?

The first HydraTouch Facial treatment will have immediately visible results, as the facial skin will be fresher and clearer after the removal of dead epithelial cells, and skin blemishes will fade slightly. The size of the cleansed pores decreases. The skin is replenished, its color becomes more uniform and radiant, dryness of the skin is reduced, and sebum production is normalized. To achieve a lasting result, the treatment should be performed as a course of treatments for 4-6 times, weekly, fortnightly, and then once a month thereafter.

Recovery, aftercare

After the HydraTouch Facial cleanser, active ingredient permeation and anti-aging treatment, you can safely resume your daily routine, but it is very important - if you spend time outdoors - to apply sunscreen daily and incorporate into your skin care routine the skin care products recommended by our beautician that perfectly match your skin type.