Breast plastic surgery is available with a 25% discount

At Dr. Rose Private Hospital's Plastic Surgery Department, we are offering a summer discount. Our breast plastic surgery is available at a 25% discount. Whether the size is too small or too large, the shape has changed due to pregnancy or breastfeeding, or the breasts have sagged due to age or weight loss, in many cases, only a breast lift can provide a solution. Summer breast plastic surgery is now available with a 25% discount at Dr. Rose Private Hospital!

We look forward to your application!

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The offer is valid for patients undergoing surgery at Dr. Rose Private Hospital between 1 June and 25 August 2023, the discount does not apply to existing contracts. If the surgery is cancelled by the patient for any reason, the discounted price is not valid for any other period of the year, in which case the price based on the list price will apply. The offer is valid for breast augmentation, combined breast plastic surgery, breast lift and breast reduction above HUF 900,000. The information is not exhaustive, please contact our colleagues for more details! This offer is valid until cancelled.