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Pediatric Care

When designing our children's clinic, along with the best possible expertise and technology we strove to create an atmosphere that dispels young patients’ anxiety. We uphold that the child is not a ‘small adult’, and that any problem requires special communication to detect its symptoms. 

At different ages, but especially in the case of newborns, infants and young children, pediatric examinations following the course of physical and mental development are especially important in providing answers to questions regarding health and lifestyle. In addition to our general pediatric care we have eleven dedicated pediatric units for treating special problems. 

Alongside outpatient care for children, our complex pediatric care includes age- and disease-specific screening tests, customized annual card constructions and the administration of mandatory and recommended vaccinations.  

Our pediatrician is available 24 hours a day in person and by phone. Our on-duty telephone number is also open on public holidays from 0-24h. 

Our pediatric specialties and screening packages: 

  • Pediatric specialties:
    • Pediatric allergology and pulmonology
    • Pediatric dermatology
    • Pediatric endocrinology
    • Pediatric otolaryngology
    • Pediatric gastroenterology
    • Pediatric cardiology
    • Pediatric nephrology
    • Pediatric orthopedics
    • Pediatric radiology
    • Pediatric surgery
    • Pediatric ophthalmology 
  •  6-week-old baby screening test
  • School-age screening tests
  • Integrated parent-infant/toddler consultation
  • Childhood behavioral disorder screening
  • Endocrine and metabolic screening for children
  • Allergy and asthma screening for children 


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