2D, 4D Ultrasound

Portable 2D ultrasound

The picture quality of our portable ultrasound scanner is a match for bigger hospital devices. It is both suitable for the purpose of examining patients in their ward and in the delivery room at the baby’s birth.

4D ultrasound

This device is used during the course of pre-natal care. It is based on two dimensional ultrasound with an additional third dimension, which means that the scanner takes sequenced snapshots of the chosen area from different angles. A three dimensional image is composed of these pictures by the built-in computer. As a result, planes previously hidden for the 2D ultrasound can be now visualized. The additional fourth dimension is the depiction of the fetus’ movement and motion – thus the recording shows the baby in time and space. The examination usually takes 20-30 minutes, and the resulting recording (available on CD) remains a touching souvenir for the family.

Recordings made for this purpose are the most expressive between the 25th and 35th weeks of the pregnancy, since this is the time when the size of the baby is the most suitable for the examination.