Supportive art, artistic support at Dr. Rose Private Hospital

2021. March 16.

Healing is an art, and art helps healing. For this reason, we decided more than 5 years ago to place works by contemporary artists on the walls of our hospital and outpatient clinic to create an exhibition where visitors can learn about the artworks and even purchase them.

Művészeti támogatás

However, the past year has been a difficult one for artists too, unable to organize their own solo exhibitions and meet with art-savvy audiences. It was clear to us that we would continue our work, to the best of our ability, to further support the creative arts in this exceptionally challenging period. Our exhibitions continue despite the epidemic: without interruption, more and more beautiful works of fine art adorn our walls. The performing arts are similarly experiencing a tumultuous period, so we decided to support the Átrium Theatre as well. In joining their 'Take Your Name' initiative, already a theatre chair now bears the name of Dr. Rose Private Hospital.