News at Dr. Rose Private Hospital

2021. October 18.

At a press conference on October 15, Dr. Rose Private Hospital’s latest developments were presented, which in the first instance means the hospital premises’ renewal and medical technology improvements, as well as the new image and communication elements. Dr. Kornél Papik, managing director, reported that the number of patients at the private hospital had increased by more than 30 percent compared to two years ago, and according to preliminary data, in 2021 the hospital will serve nearly 50,000 customers.

Dr. Papik Kornél - 30 százalékkal nőtt a műtétek száma

At Dr. Rose Private Hospital, a total of 600 million HUF (1.92 million USD) worth of development has been completed in recent weeks.

In a briefing outlining the institution's latest developments, including the hospital premises’ renewal and medical technology changes, Dr. Rose Private Hospital’s managing director, Kornél Papik, said that each year almost 50,000 patients recover at the Dr. Rose Private Hospital, in an increasingly modern environment which offers a perfect view of the Széchenyi Chain Bridge and the Buda Castle. As a result of the pandemic, demand in private healthcare has grown dynamically. Compared to two years ago, the number of patients has increased by more than 30 percent, and according to preliminary data, nearly 50,000 customers will be served in 2021.

The managing director added that, with 150 doctors, more than 40 clinics, 3 fully equipped operating theaters, and a 25-bed inpatient department, the facility will be listed by new owners from 2018, management has been strengthened after a comprehensive appraisal, and continuous improvements provide even more stable, safer and higher quality care.

Dr. Éva Junger, Dr. Rose Private Hospital’s head of outpatient care, detailed how, in parallel with the growing interest in private health care, the private hospital has made significant investments: a total of 600 million HUF worth of development has been completed in several areas in recent weeks. The imaging diagnostic equipment, the 3 operating rooms and the obstetric department have all been renewed; the equipment for minimally invasive laparoscopic surgeries, the endoscopic laboratory, the ear-nose-throat and ophthalmology departments, and the IT department have been advanced; and due to the pandemic, significant investments have also been made to maintain enhanced sterility.

Dr. Kornél Papik added that brand building is also part of the private hospital’s renewal. The Budapest Plastic Surgery Institute, which has operated as an independent brand since 2010 but belongs to the private hospital, has been transformed and integrated into Dr. Rose Private Hospital at the beginning of October. The primary reason for this is that plastic surgery and medical aesthetic care is even more popular with Dr. Rose Private Hospital clients than before. More than 11,000 plastic surgeries have been performed by the Budapest Plastic Surgery Institute in the last 11 years, whereas 120-140 plastic surgeries per month are planned in the future at Dr. Rose Private Hospital’s Department of Plastic Surgery.

According to Dr. Rose Private Hospital’s chief internist and head of the V.I.P. department, Dr. habil Ádám Lelbach, since 2007, clients have chosen the institution chiefly because they can provide a unique customer experience to their patients. In addition to the outstanding professional background and reassuring environment, everyone receives exceptional care, thanks in no small part to careful aftercare. During the pandemic, patients required special attention and care, and the institution has met this expectation to the utmost. The significant increase in the number of patients in recent months is due to all these factors and to the tariffs available to the wider public.

Source: Weborvos