Brand building: Dr. Rose Private Hospital

2021. October 1.

Dr. Rose Private Hospital has been providing plastic surgery and medical aesthetic care since 2010 under the name Budapest Plastic Surgery Institute.
From October 2021, the Institute’s name will also be renewed: we welcome those arriving for plastic surgeries and medical aesthetic procedures in Dr. Rose Private Hospital’s Department of Plastic Surgery and Medical Aesthetics. The new name is your assurance as our goal is care with the excellent Rose quality, maximum safety, constant technological developments and the continually refreshed exclusive environment of our hospital.

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At Dr. Rose Private Hospital, we believe that in addition to successful medical interventions, recovery requires the spirit to relax and recharge, so with special care, personalized attention, and a soothing environment we welcome all those who wish to beautify and heal.

We welcome you in our plastic surgery department with outstanding plastic surgeons and the most modern surgical procedures. In addition to plastic surgeries that correct the breast, face and various parts of the body, we also perform male plastic surgeries, vaginal plastic surgeries and combined surgeries. During the surgeries we work with the latest technologies and implants. With plastic surgery interventions, we provide an opportunity for change aimed at creating and maintaining the natural harmony of body and soul. Each of our interventions is tailored to individual needs and expectations. Plastic surgeries are not only the privilege of women, as men are also increasingly choosing the definitive solutions it provides. Breast augmentation, breast enlargement or a combination of these is the solution for breast shaping, but there is also the possibility of corrective and reconstructive surgeries, as well as breast reduction. A tummy tuck or liposuction can help eliminate excess weight or skin in the abdomen. Liposuction can also be used to slim other parts of the body. In the area of the face, nose and ear plastic surgeries are the most common, and it is also possible to tighten sagging aging facial skin visually and permanently, while eyelid surgery corrects eyelids that droop due to age or genetics.

With the help of the personalized services of our medical aesthetic department, you can make your skin youthful, wrinkle-free and smooth again, entirely permanently and naturally. Our procedures are also successful against wrinkles, pigment spots, and acne scars, providing an opportunity to prevent sagging skin and delaying the need for plastic surgeries. With the help of HIFU (focused ultrasound), fractionated CO2 laser or fractionated microneedle RF treatments performed with high-tech devices, the skin rejuvenates, becomes more elastic and uniform, and regains its fullness and firmness. As a result of the treatments, the synthesis of collagen fibers is also increased, thereby slowing the aging process. Hyaluronic acid lip- and wrinkle-filling, fiber retraction and b.tox treatment, which provide immediate spectacular results, are performed by our plastic surgeons and dermatologists, using top-quality materials. Cosmetic facials are also available in our Private Hospital: with the help of active ingredients introduced with special techniques, the condition of the facial skin immediately improves, becoming more hydrated, firmer, cleaner and more vibrant. Our other aesthetic services include: permanent laser hair removal, intimate laser treatment, and b.tox sweat treatment.

To mark the announcement of the new name, we have a special offer for you: plastic surgeries are now available at a festive discount and with a free facial treatment of your choice. Choose from our exclusive Esthederm and Hydra Touch facials, such as the facial firming Esthe Lift, the anti-aging Hydra Touch Bio Lifting effect or the hyaluronic acid facial treatment.