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The Pappas Group has been present on the car market for almost 60 years. The Pappas Group represents one of the largest and most innovative car trading company in Central Europe. The cars in the profile of the company - at almost 40 Austrian, 6 Hungarian dealerships and one Bavarian settlement - cover the whole car manufacturing palette from the smallest smart automobile until the largest Actros heavy utility truck. 

Dr. Rose Partner Program Card members receive an Integrated Service Package, Gift Coupon Collection and a special Driver Training for each new Mercedes-Benz passenger car bought at every Hungarian Pappas Auto dealership. Since your and your passengers’’ safety is more important for our company than anything else, we would like to prepare you for an accident-free traffic.
The program is organized and arranged by one of the most modern driving technique centre in Europe, the Driving Camp Hungary in Zsámbék. 

Your driver knowledge could be improved at the Integrated Driver Training through the following tasks:

• Suddenly emerging impediment, slippery surface
• Highway driving
• Sudden slipping on a slippery downhill hairpin bend
• Slalom on surfaces with different gripping intensity, on circular ring module
• Emergency braking on surfaces with different gripping intensity per side

The content of Integrated Service Package

• Free completion of any - by the manufacturer prescribed - maintenance work within 4 years of warranty and maintenance duration or 120,000 km performance at any Hungarian service partner workshop authorized by Mercedes-Benz.
• An additional round of 24 months or plus 120,000 km car maintenance warranty at most after the expiration of the 24 Months Mercedes-Benz New Car Warranty ensured by the manufacturer.

Gift Coupon Collection
On the occasion of buying a new car, we would like to please our present and future Clients with a coupon collection, which includes a discount package to the value of 250 000 HUF. The leaflet contains 16 coupons which entitle you to special discounts and countless benefits. You could even save money: we make you many beneficial offers which you can utilize in the next four years, ranging from free car wash until buying accessories at a reduced rate.


The dealerships of Pappas Auto Magyarország Kft.:
we are waiting for our visitors in Budapest, XI. District, Hunyadi János út 6, and
in Budapest, XIII. District, Kárpát utca 21, while also in Székesfehérvár, Pécs, Szeged and Debrecen
For more details please visit our website: www.pappas.hu