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The Swiss-Hungarian company was founded in 1984 and the dental office in Buda developed into
a modern clinic following significant refurbishment in 2002. It soon became well-known thanks to
its results achieved in dentistry and dental technology, especially among patients caring about their
appearance and health. In addition to healing, we also consider it important to maintain personal
relationships with our patients and demonstrate sympathetic attitude through our specialists.
We satisfy the needs of our patients using the most modern equipment and world class technologies.
Using prestige category dental materials and employing a selected team of highly qualified specialist
doctors, we ensure professional treatment in all areas of dentistry:

  • ultrasound tartar removal 
  • oral hygienic treatment, polishing
  • treatment of gingival problems and periodontal disease
  • aesthetical treatments (porcelain shells, direct shells, metal-free dental crowns - Procera)
  • Brite Smile UV-free tooth bleaching
  • sedation, anaesthetics
  • operative dentistry solutions
  • professional root treatment
  • orthodontics
  • children’s dentistry

We give 15% discount on our prices to all the members of Partner Program.


Address: 1121 Budapest, Zugligeti Road 60.

TEL.: + 36 1 398-1028, + 36 30 228 3199