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Cancer Can be Prevented

Cancer is perhaps the most dreaded disease of our age. Don’t leave it up to fate: you can do your share to prevent it with a healthy lifestyle and regular screenings.

Despite the advances in science and increasingly effective technology cancer is still the most feared enemy of humanity. Even though the latest statistics of the National Public Health and Medical Officer Service (ÁNTSZ) show that cardiovascular diseases are the leading causes of death, cancer accounts for one fourth of mortality. What’s more striking though is that the human years ‘lost’ to cancer are double than that of cardiovascular diseases because cancer strikes at an earlier age on average than heart disease. 

Preventive measures in your lifestyle in the long run and regularly attending medical screenings in the short run are proven to be the best strategy to fend off cancer. A word of advice for those who are afraid of some of the unpleasant examinations: cancer screening has a 100% survival rate whereas an undetected and untreated cancer will certainly claim your life. The general protocol for cancer is a combination of surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy, which are an invasive strain on your system, compared to a preventive screening. More importantly, advanced forms of cancer are less likely to be treated successfully, and have a lower survival rate. 

One might consider alternative methods of complementary medicine, which complement but never replace allopathic treatment. Regular screening is all the more important for those exposed to increased stress and occupational hazards. Smokers and unhealthy eaters are also at higher risk. Conversely, a healthy, active lifestyle significantly decreases the risk of cancer: eat more fruit and vegetables, do sports more than once a week, quit smoking, avoid excess alcohol, getting sunburnt, and watch your weight. Believe it or not but all these preventive measures keep your soul in shape as much as your body!

Good to Know

- There is no direct evidence to prove the positive effect of media campaigns but statistics suggest that breast cancer activists contributed to measurably improving survival rates.
- Hungary is leading the statistics in colorectal cancer. 10 percent of the population definitely have some bowel problem, and 5 percent are likely to be diagnosed with cancer of the colon. Most people are reluctant to undergo screening although colonoscopy can be done anaesthetised and early detection gives a chance for total recovery without the need for chemotherapy, which is many times more unpleasant than the slightly unpleasant screening procedure.
- It could take up to 8 years for cervical cancer to fully develop, so a regular screening every three years can really save lives. We recommend an annual cervical, HPV and STD screening here at Dr. Rose Private Hospital, to give you complete peace of mind.
- According to the Hungarian Central Statistical Office (KSH) brain tumour and leukaemia were had the highest mortality rate of all cancers in the 0-14 years’ age group last year.
- 4 February is World Cancer Day; 10 April is National Cancer Day in Hungary.
- The complex and comprehensive services of Dr. Rose Private Hospital facilitate quick and efficient cancer screening – everything is done the same day, with one appointment, in a friendly and comfortable setting, even after working hours to suit your busy schedule.

12 Commandments of Cancer Prevention

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) have recently published the fourth, amended edition of the European Code Against Cancer. It calls attention to the typical risks that modern lifestyle poses for us, and stress the importance of screenings, early diagnosis and treatment. The National Public Health and Medical Officer Service and the Hungarian League Against Cancer adjusted the professional advice specifically to the Hungarian population.

The 12 points to prevent cancer

1. Quit smoking!
2. Make your home and work place smoke free!
3. Try not to be overweight!
4. Schedule active exercise into your day!
5. Eat more fresh fruit and vegetables daily! Stay away from fatty and salty food and sugary drinks!
6. Drink alcohol responsibly!
7. Avoid excess exposure to the sun or sunbed tanning!
8. Keep the rules at your work place to avoid occupational hazards! Get to know and avoid carcinogenic materials!
9. Breastfeeding reduces the risk of breast cancer. You should be aware that hormone treatment against osteoporosis increases the risk.
10. HPV vaccination for 13 year-old girls is subsidised and free!
11. Accept the invitation and take part in communal breast, cervical and colorectal screenings (the latter for both men and women)! Men above 50 should consider a prostate check-up!
12. Above 50 it is advisable to have a general health screening every year!