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Screening Can Be a Lifesaver

It’s never too early for prevention

Ask any doctor about the effective treatment for modern diseases and they are more likely to tell you: when the symptoms are obvious, it might be too late. That is why attending regular medical screenings is an important part for health protection. Doctors can compare the current results with your past medical records and warning you about possible health risks. A general internal medicine screening includes a cardiovascular check-up, looking for warning signs of heart attack, blood vessel narrowing (stenosis), thrombosis and stroke. Instrumental screenings help us providing a matrix of precise data that assess the medical condition of patients. Certain aspects of modern life - unhealthy diet, the use of preservatives and artificial additives in processed food - have an adverse affect on the digestive system, especially the intestines, the liver and the kidneys. Regular screenings that examine the condition of these vital organs are important even for those who regularly exercise and live a healthy lifestyle. We cannot overestimate the importance of endocrinological screenings, checking thyroid function. Urology should be concerned as priority for men, gynaecology and mammography for women. Occupational hazards are another factor when deciding for more frequent and thorough examinations, such as manager screenings for those who work under increased pressure and likely to experience prolonged stress. Last but not least, cancer screening can be a true life saver: detecting tumours early dramatically increases the chances of recovery. Colonoscopy is strongly recommended above 50.

Good to Know

We are proud to share the good news that Adam Lelbach M.D., Ph.D. Head Physician of Dr. Rose Private Hospital, has recently been awarded the prestigious Knights Cross of Justice of the Johanniter Order in Germany. The award ceremony took place in the presence of high dignitaries of State and Church in Nieder-Weisel, near Frankfurt am Main, on 27th June 2015. The entire staff of Dr. Rose Private Hospital wishes doctor Lelbach good health and further success in his medical career as a leading physician, researcher and university professor.

Ask the Expert

Adam Lelbach M.D., Ph.D. Head Physician of Dr. Rose Private Hospital, outlines the importance of screening from the perspective of a medical practitioner. „Almost a decade ago Dr. Rose Private Hospital established state of the art, comprehensive medical screening in Hungary, that has been continuously operating since then. We have patients not only from Hungary but from nearly 90 countries, mostly from Germany, Austria, and the UK, but many patients come even from overseas or the Arab World. Apart from the high level of medical expertise and unique comfort, the privacy of our Institute is also a big advantage for them. Medical screenings in our Institute saved the lives of hundreds of patients, and thousands were given a better quality of life in the past decade. For the political-, business- and academic elite in the developed world screening is compulsory, while the health conscious upper middle- and middle classes realised that regular check-ups are indeed important. It is our mission not only to treat patients to the best of our knowledge but to offer excellent preventive care in Hungary.”